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  • Bachelorette Party Favors

    Nashville Bachelorette Party

    In less than two weeks one my little sisters will be getting married [insert wide eyed emoji face] -holy cow, say what?! I couldn’t be more excited for her as she found a good one. Since I can’t seem to put together words for the speech I need to give at the reception I might […] Read more…

  • Magic Kingdom in a Day -with Toddlers!

    Earlier this summer we took a nice little family drive to Florida and spent a few days on St. Pete Beach.  If you missed out on either of my most recent travel posts, by “little drive” I mean 19 hours -I can just feel the envy oozing from everyone right now.  That being said, it […] Read more…

  • Admiring the St. Pete Beach sunset

    Family Trip to St. Pete Beach, Florida

    It has been about a month now since we took our first family vacation to St. Pete Beach, Florida so I figure I need to get around to writing this post before I start to forget things.  My husband and I were just in St. Louis this weekend so I had a little bit of […] Read more…

  • DIY Magnetic Dinosaurs

    Surviving a Road Trip with Toddlers

    Disclosure:  This post contains affiliate links and a commission may be made from any purchases.  I choose when, where, and which affiliate links are used on this site :-).  For more information on the above click here. Pictured above is a parent’s dream case scenario when it comes to taking a road trip with small […] Read more…


  • Thanksgiving Outfit

    Outfit Ideas for Thanksgiving

    “Do you know what you are gonna wear?”  -a reoccurring question between my sisters and I before most any get together.  Thanksgiving is no exception.  I will be surprised if this question does not come through via text message in the next couple of days.  In preparation, I’ve compiled a few Thanksgiving outfit ideas below, […] Read more…

  • 4th of July Style Inspo

    4th of July Style Inspo

    Hi Friends! Looking to add some spangle to your jangle?  Well I’ve got some fun finds for you in the red, white, and blue!  Okay, I promise – I am done with the corny rhyming, I couldn’t resist.  The 4th of July is one of a few holidays that I like to have a coordinating […] Read more…

  • French Connection Celia Tote

    Top 12 Favorite Purses for Spring

    Even though I work inside for the majority of the day, I was acutely aware that there was actually sunshine outside today.  On top of that, it was in the upper 50s and I didn’t need my huge winter coat when I left the office.  When it is almost March in Illinois, days like this […] Read more…

Gift Guides

  • Last Minute Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

    Mother’s Day Gift Ideas: Last Minute Edition

    A couple of weeks ago I started a small blog series on gift ideas for Mother’s Day and today will mark the last edition of the series.  If you missed my first 2 posts, you can still check them out here and here!  Given that Mother’s Day is THIS weekend you might be looking for […] Read more…

  • Jewelry Gift Ideas

    Mother’s Day Gift Ideas: Jewelry Edition

    My husband has told me multiple times that he does not like buying jewelry, nevertheless he has done a fantastic job when he has decided to buy it.  He also hates earrings?  Something about them just wierds him out.  He can cope with studs, but anything more than that is a no go.  That does […] Read more…

  • Mom Coffee Cup

    Mother’s Day Gift Ideas: Coffee Cups & Candles Edition

    You know those songs that just give you all the feels?  They hit home to you for whatever reason it might be?  “What I Never Knew I Always Wanted” is one of those for me.  Immediately I had tears welling in my eyes when I heard it for the first time.  I can’t sing worth […] Read more…