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Pre-Sale Items under $25!!!!!!!!

Yay, you are here!  The countdown to Nordstrom’s Anniversary Sale is officially here with early access starting this week.  If you missed my last post, you can view all the deets here.  There is also the opportunity to win a $550 gift card to Nordstrom, but the deadline to enter the giveaway is coming up quick.  In the meantime, I thought what better way to start prepping for the sale than to start looking at items that are already on sale?  Sale, Sale, Sale!  I’ve handpicked a product list below of some fun finds that are all on sale for under $25 – woot, woot!  If you like something that you see, but maybe aren’t keen on the color, click the product to check if there are other options -many of these products DO have different options that just aren’t visible directly on this post.  I’ve been wanting to try Glamglo products for years now, but have not been willing to shell out the cash (see my previous post on Beauty Staples).  You can imagine my excitement when I saw the special gift set below…it just might be a pick me up Monday purchase…we all need those every once in awhile am I right?!  

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links, a commission may be made from any purchases at no additional cost to you. I choose when, where, and which affiliate links are used on this site :-). For additional information click here.

As always, thanks for stopping by and hope ya have a great start to your week!  I’ll be posting more items as I find them over the course of the sale so feel free to pop on back every once in awhile :-).

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is Coming…and so is a $550 Giveaway!

Does July 12th, 2018 ring any bells to you?  I get nervous when someone asks me a question like that and I don’t know the answer.  “Oh my gosh, what did I forget?” starts doing backflips inside my head.  Birthday?  Anniversary?  What in the world did I neglect to do?!  Anyhow, no need to stress out today because I am telling you ahead of time so that you can be prepared if you so choose.  Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links, a commission may be made from any purchases at no additional cost to you. I choose when, where, and which affiliate links are used on this site :-). For additional information click here.  July 12th, 2018 is the first day of Nordstrom’s Anniversary Sale in which Nordstrom cardholders can shop the sale online and in the store.  Cardholders can reap the benefits of Early Access through July 19th, 2018.  Level 4 cardholders can jump the crowds even earlier with special access to the sale in stores only on July 11, 2018.  No worries if you are not a cardholder and you have no interest in signing up for the card -the sale will open up for you on July 20th, 2018 and run through August 5th, 2018.  

Why am I writing a post about this?  Because Nordstrom’s Anniversary Sale is kinda like what it feels like leading up to Christmas when your a kid (or adult if you are like me).  Nordstrom is known for its high quality products and renowned customer service…you can’t beat their shipping and return policies with the free standard shipping and returns.  Did you know they also have curbside pickup??  What I’m really trying to say is that Nordstrom is just one of those stores that I know I can always count on.  Whether it be a staple item, gift, or last minute outfit, I know I’ll always be able to find something.

With that being said, I am typically strategic when it comes to the shopping that I do here.  The prices are usually steeper compared to other stores that I shop at so what I do buy I buy with intention.  I either buy things that I know I am going to get good wear out of or buy things for special occasions.  For instance, essential clothing items that I know I will wear over and over again, like a pair of jeans.  Or maybe I have a wedding coming up and I want to splurge on a nice dress.  I’m okay with “splurging” for these items because I don’t do it on the regular.  An added bonus is that I know I am getting a nicely made product that will stand the test of time as opposed to a cheaply made shirt that lasts me a couple wears before shriveling apart.  This brings me to why I love this sale:

1) it is an opportunity to stock up on items that I might not normally buy during the rest of the shopping season due to price point; 

2) items that I normally would buy are priced lower; and

3) it is fun!    

Not only will there be a selection of current season items on sale, but brand spankin’ new items will be on sale before returning to their regular price after the sale -how often does that happen!?  Whether you are a Nordstrom regular or you are someone who has never shopped there, this sale is the time to look!  Take a sneak peak at the Anniversary Catalogs, available on their website, for a teaser of items that will be on sale.  Personally, this is an event that I like to make a stop in the store for.  So, yes, I will be making a drive to St. Louis, Indianapolis, or Chicagoland in the upcoming weeks!  What are 2 things I hope to bring home with me?  Jeans and boots!  Last year skinny jeans, tees, boots, and leggings were some of the hottest sale items.  As a warmup to the Anniversary Sale I have linked some cute products in these categories -that are all on sale now under $100 (as of July 3rd at time of post).  $100 is kind of my “limit” on a clothing item so that is where I am keeping my price point at below.  Pants, shoes, and special occasion outfits I may flirt a little higher than this number but not on a regular basis.  Everything else I like to keep it under $50, and to be quite honest under $40 and down is what I prefer.  Happy shopping and stay tuned for more updates on this sale later this month and into August!  I’ll link updates at the bottom of this post.  *Hint* – You might want to take a scroll now if the thought of some extra spending cash for the sale sounds appealing to you!


Margaux Instasculpt Ankle Skinny Jeans

Regular – $178

Sale – $99

Joe’s Charlie High Waist Ankle Skinny Jeans

Regular – $198

Sale – $99.90


Topshop Leigh Jeans

Regular – $65

Sale – $45.50



BP. Peplum Tee

Regular – $22

Sale – $9.90


BP. Twist Front T

Regular – $22

Sale – $13.20


Caslon Peplum Tee

Regular – $39

Sale – $23.40


Boots Bella Vita Telluride II Over the Knee Boot

Regular – $104.95

Sale – $55
Lucky Brand Kantoah Bootie

Regular – $118.95

Sale – $71.37

Steve Madden Ferris Bootie

Regular – $89.95

Sale – $53.96



Nordstrom Go-To High Waist Leggings

Regular – $29

Sale – $17.40


Zella High Waist Asana Light Legging

Regular – $59

Sale – $35.40


Zella in Dreams High Waist Leggings

Regular – $69

Sale – $41.40

I said earlier that this sale kinda makes me feel like a kid leading up to Christmas…and I want it to feel the same for you too!  I’ve teamed up with some ladies and we all want you to have a chance at a super early Christmas present this year…$550 to Nordstrom (happy dance, happy dance)!  If you are interested, check out your options for entry below –


a Rafflecopter giveaway

Nordstrom is also giving you a chance to win $500 with their #NSaleSweeps through August 5th, 2018, best of luck to everyone!!!

Click here for updates on sale items leading up to the sale and during the sale! 


4th of July Style Inspo

Hi Friends!

Looking to add some spangle to your jangle?  Well I’ve got some fun finds for you in the red, white, and blue!  Okay, I promise – I am done with the corny rhyming, I couldn’t resist.  The 4th of July is one of a few holidays that I like to have a coordinating outfit for.  Over the years I’ve celebrated Independence Day at Lake Shelbyville, Clinton Lake, in St. Louis, in Chicagoat Indiana Dunes, and in Central Illinois to name a few.  I think of a day full of sunshine, the smell of hot dogs on the grill, live music, friends and family, sparklers, and a sky lit with fireworks.  There is a feeling of togetherness that I feel on this day like no other and I like to show my spirit and pride through wearing the colors of our flag. 

Our colors make it pretty convenient to grab something out of our closets that we may already have or maybe mix and match with something old and something new.  Maybe that is not a true statement for all…I suppose I am a little bias when it comes to these colors. 

1) Blue is my favorite color. 

2)  Red is just hot with an extra “t.”

3)  White looks so crisp in the summer. 

I guess I am assuming that most people own something that is white or denim and that may not be the case, nevertheless let’s get on with this post shall we?  I’ve broken down a handful of pieces below grouped into 6 categories: Beach/Pool, Rompers & Dresses, Shorts, Tops, Accessories, and Graphic-Ts.  Take a peak below to get some ideas for next Wednesday!  PS – why does the 4th have to fall on a Wednesday this year?  In the middle of a work week?  Why, why, whyyyyyy?!  We still haven’t decided what we are doing this year, but we will likely be staying around here.  If you are in the area, check out the Champaign-Urbana Area Fourth of July Events Guide Sponsored by the Illini Union Rec Room by ChambanaMoms – they have compiled a nice list of our options here.  Also, I’ll be adding some themed food/drink ideas for next week over the next couple of days, you’ll be able to check those out here.  Hope you all have a wonderful 4th

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links, a commission may be made from any purchases at no additional cost to you. I choose when, where, and which affiliate links are used on this site :-). For additional information click here.


Can I just say this swimsuit is SO cute with such a flattering fit for the bottoms!  I saw this on Dress Up Buttercup and wish I had seen this before I got my “1 ‘nice’ swimsuit” for the year, ugh!

Rompers & Dresses

My favorite thing to live in during the summer.  No need to worry about matching pieces together, just throw on and go…and deal with the fact that going to the bathroom can be tricky in a romper ;-).


PS – There are a ton of Universal Thread shorts on sale at Target right now for $9 similar to the red ones below!


Daily casual wear here!


…Tassels, I love tassels, give me all the tassels.

Graphic Ts

I have a love-hate relationship with graphic ts.  Love them for their witty sayings, hate them for the limited opportunities to wear.  Neverthless, I can’t steer away from them.  Whenever I buy something that is ideally designed for a particular day or event I’ll try to get my wear out of it by doubling it up as a PJ shirt :-).

Pin it for a handy reference!

Image Credits: ShopStyle Collective (Earrings – J. Crew, Necklace – BAUBLEBAR, Shorts – Dillard’s, Dress – Bluefly, & Bandannas – Guess. Also linked directly by clicking on each image above.

“R.O.C.K. in the U.S.A” -John Mellencamp!

English Factory Cold Shoulder Dress -Blue Fly J. CREW J.Crew Flower Raffia Earrings Jolt Gingham High Waisted Paper Bag Tie Shorts (Dillard's) BAUBLEBAR Malibu Layered Beaded & Spike Fringe Statement Necklace Guess Polka Dot and Denim Headband Set Image Map

Top 12 Favorite Purses for Spring

Even though I work inside for the majority of the day, I was acutely aware that there was actually sunshine outside today.  On top of that, it was in the upper 50s and I didn’t need my huge winter coat when I left the office.  When it is almost March in Illinois, days like this are a welcomed breath of fresh air.  They leave us longing in hopes for spring.  Typically they are a tease only to be followed by more gray coldness, Illinois weather is just like that.  Nevertheless, I’m running with my spring fever tonight.  We vacuumed the house and got to the laundry that was starting to loom over us like a stretch of mountains, both dirty and clean.

More importantly, I’m in the mood for a new purse with a pop of color and oh my goodness there are so many pretties to choose from right now!  I’ve rounded up my top 12 favs below -and better yet, they start in the low $30s and don’t go past $100.  (PS – I get a small commission through clicks and purchases made through this post but these are all self-selected by me and items that I would personally buy).  Some of these are even marked over 50% off, I love a good sale.  I’m in love with the color of the Sondra Roberts Faux Leather Hobo but I really need something that I can use for work too -so something bigger for electronics and paperwork.  Let’s be real, I’ll probably be using this as a diaper bag as well. You’d probably be appalled at everything that I have stashed in my current purse collection…sometimes I am myself [insert woman emoji with shoulders shrugged and both hands up].  Anyway, I decided to go with the first one pictured below and ordered it in blush.  -They have 3 colors in this and they are all beautiful, the sea foam is similar to the color of the Sondra bag.  I think I’ll like the size of this one, the fact it can be worn multiple ways, and the zipper.  Can’t wait to show you once it comes in!  ….I’ll make sure to zip up all the junk I stash inside it.  If anyone has any other suggestions for spring, I’d love to see them -especially in the pastel family!!!

March 3rd, 2018 Update: Loved the purse I picked…but it wasn’t as big as I was hoping for, you know like a suitcase.  I went to the TJ Maxx in Champaign and was able to find something else, I ended up with a Steven Madden one in an almost identical color but about twice the size.  Quick peak below and with 2 tassels, I love tassels!  Unfortunately I originally wrote this post feeling springy, you’ll note I’m in a cowl neck sweater below because it is stinkin’ cold right now!  Sigh….oh well, I’m still gonna rock my spring purse.Steve Madden Purse, Gap Sweater, Target Necklace
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