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Last Minute Gift Ideas for Mother’s DayA couple of weeks ago I started a small blog series on gift ideas for Mother’s Day and today will mark the last edition of the series.  If you missed my first 2 posts, you can still check them out here and here!  Given that Mother’s Day is THIS weekend you might be looking for guaranteed, quick turnaround time -this Last Minute Edition is for you and the quality of your gift does not have to be sacrificed!

Whenever I find myself with only a couple of days left to figure out a gift for someone, I start to go into a slight panic mode.  I know, I know…silly, but I like for my gifts to be at least somewhat meaningful and I want the other person to enjoy them.  Enter my husband’s birthday coming up on the 19th…I’ve still got over a week, but I don’t have a CLUE what to get him -someone please give me a list that does not include a Golf Cart or Jeep to drive around only in the summers!  I’ve got plenty of ideas when it comes to the ladies in my life, but figuring out gifts for the guys is a whole different ball game for me.  So, if any of you are in the same situation for Mother’s Day that I am for my husband’s birthday, this post should help trigger a few ideas to help get you squared away before this Sunday!

Last Minute Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

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1) A Memory Book – I want to start with this one first because I just purchased mine recently and I’m so excited about it!  I first saw these One Line A Day Memory Books at a local shop in town around Christmas time.  I opted to pass on the purchase because I wasn’t supposed to be shopping for myself at the time!  However, I’ve had this tucked in the back of my  head ever since.  There are so many times that my 4 year old says something and my heart just wants to melt.  For instance tonight before bed he sleepily said “I love you more than the whole Earth.”  Sadly, I sit here and try to remember all of his other phrases that I’ve told myself to mentally file away ever since he started talking and I struggle to remember these -it has only been a couple of years.  I can’t imagine how my memory will be when he is much older.  Needless to say, in February I started trying to make a conscious effort to write his words down to record in this book once I finally got around to buying it.  Among some of the sentences I have written down is this one – “Ya, so that’s why you went to the doctor, to get some babies because then when they get older, they’ll help ya” -reading this back I can still hear his sweet voice saying this and it makes me smile as I’m sure it will years down the road.  Jack is just now starting to put sentences together so I’ll be able to capture the earlier moments with him.

As they get older will I still want to write down everything they say?  Probably not, I expect these sweet little moments to decrease, but I do know there will be other moments that I want to record like their first day of school or a silly fight they got into that we can laugh about when they are older.  I think that mother’s in any stage of their life can find use in this type of memory book.  When you open it there are just a few lines for each day so entries do not have to be of a long length which is nice for busy days.  I found mine at Checkered Moon in Champaign, but in the case that you don’t live around here or that they are sold out (there was a limited quantity), Amazon Prime is your friend!  Check out the options below that include the exact one I got for the moms that like to capture moments in time.

2) Does the mother in your life like to spend time in the kitchen?  If yes, you can’t really go wrong with any of the below items.  Joanna Gaines and the Instant Pot are all the rage!  There are a ton of Instant Pots to choose from, I’ve included one of the most popular but if you just type “Instant Pot” in the search bar below you’ll see others that are available depending on the features that would be most important to her.  These make busy days a little less busy!  The cutting board and the spoon are nice because they still allow for you to give a personal touch without having to have something custom made.

3)  Home Decor.  If you are confident that you know mom’s style, then home decor is always a nice gift as well, maybe even something for her office if she has one.  If you opt for a picture frame -fill it with pictures before you give it to her!  Luckily, many places will be able to turn your pictures around up to the day of if needed.  Check out Walgreens and Walmart for prints and be sure to look at their picture gift items as well.  Both are running deals right now that can still be ordered in time for Mother’s Day.  I’ve given and received options from both and have had great experiences, feel free to ask me about them!  Speaking of pictures…another great idea is to get mom a gift card/certificate for a family photo shoot with a professional photographer.  She will treasure these.  Want to get mom something that she can put in her home, but not sure what she would like?  Get her a gift card to Hobby Lobby!

4)  Speaking of gift cards, does your mom love to shop…maybe you don’t?  Then grab her a gift card to a store you know she enjoys.  You can pop into that exact store and get the card or stop at yet again, Walgreens, where there are multiple options.  Gift cards/certificates for a spa day are always nice too.  If you aren’t close to her shop of choice or don’t feel Iike venturing out -Amazon Prime can save you here too.

5)  New Mom Gifts.  Is your wife pregnant?  Maybe she recently had a baby?  The options below might be a good fit for her.  I added the Jimmy Fallon book here, but search for any type of book that incorporates mom, grandma, nana, grams, whatever the name might be.  We actually grabbed this one for the boys to give to my mom this year.  Also, homemade gifts are GREAT!  The handprint/footprint frame is kind of the best of both worlds -it comes with everything that you need.  You can easily put little handprints/footprints on other items with a little bit of paint as another options – think flower pots, serving platters, canvas, oven mitts…a quick Pinterest search will give you lots of ideas.  Moms love the thought behind these no matter what the age.  If your an adult and want to make a gift for your mom there are tons of DIY ideas on Pinterest for you too that don’t involve having to utilize finger paint :-).

You probably noticed I haven’t mentioned flowers, chocolate, brunch, gift baskets…of course these are all great ideas, but these are the standard things that easily come to mind for many so I didn’t feel the need to point them out.  Ya’ll know your moms better than I do and will know how to make her feel special whether it’s a fresh picked dandelion, an extra hour in bed, or simply some quality time with the family.  So with that, I’m wrapping up this blog series, hope you guys were able to take a few ideas away from this.  Let me know what I missed …and again, if anyone has ideas for hubby birthday presents I’m all ears!  Lastly, to all the mommas out there – Happy Mother’s Day to ya!!!  🙂

Jewelry ideas for Mother’s Day

My husband has told me multiple times that he does not like buying jewelry, nevertheless he has done a fantastic job when he has decided to buy it.  He also hates earrings?  Something about them just wierds him out.  He can cope with studs, but anything more than that is a no go.  That does not stop me, I’ve just learned to stop asking him “which pair looks better” because I already know his answer…honestly, I think a lot of us often go with the opposite of what our husbands say looks the best [innocent shoulder shrug].  Coincidently, I am not including any earrings in this post, but I have including a number of beautiful options for rings, bracelets, and necklaces.  They range in price from as low as $24.99 to $100 with most of them falling somewhere in between.  If you didn’t like anything in my first post of this blog series last week I hope that maybe something here will catch your eye for your special lady (mom, grandma, wife….yourself :-)).

Jewelry Gift Ideas

I think often times when people hear jewelry, lots of $$$$ come to mind and that does not have to be the case! All of these items are reasonably priced, pretty to look at, and most importantly give you the opportunity to create something unique for her that holds sentimental value. Sure, there aren’t many women who will turn down good looking diamonds (myself included), but I think the majority of us appreciate pieces that we can really connect with just the same. There are a number of ways to personalize the items below, by clicking on a picture of the item you will be taken to a page to give you more detailed information. (*Please note: This post contains affiliate links.  I may get commission through clicks and purchases made through this post).

Some of these even allow transfer of your actual handwriting or child’s handprint -pretty neat! There are options for printing on the front, printing on the back, and some for printing on both sides. Different add-ons are available too. Just keep in mind that depending how you choose to customize these will have an impact on your grand total. Not sure what to have printed in terms of text? There are lots of options to consider: family member names, birthdays, lyrics to songs, a meaningful quote, and so forth. Try to consider what color your lady likes too, I’m really digging rose gold right now, but the gold and silver options are gorgeous too. Everyone has their own preferences …but if you don’t know what she likes, I wouldn’t sweat it, the thought behind the gift is what she will really appreciate. Mother’s Day is right about 2 weeks away now so make sure to act fast on these and pay attention to production and shipping times -due to the nature of the gift your item is very likely not going to be ready to ship immediately. Let me know about other jewelry options that are out there if you have any to add!




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Mother’s Day Jewelry Ideas

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

You know those songs that just give you all the feels?  They hit home to you for whatever reason it might be?  “What I Never Knew I Always Wanted” is one of those for me.  Immediately I had tears welling in my eyes when I heard it for the first time.  I can’t sing worth a damn, but I remember singing this to Jack when he still got rocked to sleep.  When I couldn’t bear the sound of my own voice, I’d turn it on my phone instead.  Poor Jack probably had tears in his eyes from my singing…not in a good way.  Chase was already long past being rocked, but all the same, this song makes me all mushy thinking about my little guys and their daddy. 

Never pictured myself singing lullabies
Sitting in a rocking chair in the middle of the night
In the quiet, in the dark
You’re stealing every bit of my heart with your daddy’s eyes
What a sweet surprise -Carrie Underwood, Brett James, & Hillary Lindsey
  Becoming a mom is the greatest gift I have ever been given, hands down.  Do I have days where I think I might go insane?  Yes, lots of them, but I wouldn’t change it for the world.  I remember reading an article some time ago, written by a female unable to have children.  I do not remember the exact quote from the article, but the overarching theme will always stick with me.  The constant crying that often accompanies a newborn baby boy or baby girl and the nights of no sleep, that many of us (myself included) at some point or another complain about is a blessing.  The author of the article I had read longed to just have the chance to hear that cry, she would have given anything.  I tell myself that God has a bigger plan for that woman, and for so many others who are in like situations.  Yet, I still struggle to comprehend why, there are so many things in life that just are not fair.  I don’t know who the woman was that wrote that article, but I want to give her a big hug.  Moreover, be conscious of the fact that I am so, so lucky to experience the cries of my children and the sleepless nights…the waking up to my toddler throwing up blueberries next to me in bed, the endless calls for “mommy,” “a drink,” “the hall light on,” and whatever else they come up with before falling asleep.  If I didn’t have these experiences, then I also wouldn’t have the snuggles, the laughter, the “mom, your the best,” and all of the other heart warming moments that I hope to get to experience through my 100s, yes I would love to live that long.  Hold onto these moments and live them.  Not just because “the time goes so fast,” but because we have been given the chance to live them in the first place.

Mother’s Day is just under 3 weeks away and I thought I would do a mini-blog series on Mother’s Day gifts.  Before I jumped into it I guess I needed to get a little emotional on you guys.  For many of us Mother’s Day is a day filled with happiness.  However, for many it can be just the opposite, or maybe it is a little bittersweet.  Not everyone grows up with a mother to look up to and others may grieve the loss of a mother.  I suppose all I really want to say here is that we all have different ways of celebrating, or not celebrating Mother’s Day, and I hope that everyone can find their own peace when May 13th roles around.

That being said, I did decide to start this mini series to help others brainstorm ideas for the mothers in their lives.  Have you ever searched on the internet for gift ideas and come across top 10 lists where you don’t like anything on this list?  [I’m raising my hand].  Enter this mini blog series, hopefully there is something different in one of my posts over the next couple of weeks that can help you with your Mother’s Day shopping!  …Or maybe these posts will be for you, what my unsuccessful internet searches have been for me in the past…I hope not!

Onto the first gift area of focus -coffee cups and candles.  Anyone looking for a reasonably priced gift for mom (or perhaps yourself), please read on.  Coffee cups and candles, neither idea is something new, but in my opinion you can’t go wrong with either of these unless 1) your mom does not drink coffee, tea, hot chocolate, etc. and/or 2) your mom is allergic to candles.  If your mom does not fall into one of the latter categories, then check out some of the shops below for some fresh ideas.  While you can get a coffee cup or a candle from a bazillion different places, I’ve handpicked 11 shops below that are rather unique and not your standard item from a chain store.  Okay, one fib there -I do have one from Target, so 10 shops…but ya’ll know you can’t go wrong with moms and Target :-).

Mom Coffee Cup

*This post contains affiliate links.  I may get commission through clicks and purchases made through this post.

  • If Found in Microwave Please Return to Mom Mug (By Mugsby).  I ordered this mug for my mom last year because my mother loses her coffee mug like I lose my keys.  It has humor, speaks truth, and looks pretty all at the same time.  Throw in some flowers for an added bonus -and no, you don’t need to spend a fortune!    My boys picked these for me on our Sunday walk and melted my heart.  Check out the rest of this shop too, there are lots of cute options!  *Same advice applies to all shops on this list*.
  • Ya’ll Gonna Make Me Lose My Mind, Up In Here, Up In Here Mug (By Inky & Indigo).  Because kids can be cray, that goes for all ages.  Gift this to a mother who needs some sanity (and who knows who DMX is).
  • Mama Needs Some Coffee Mug (Target).  For the simple and feminine mama.
  • Mama’s Coffee, No Touchy Mug (By Be Holden Prints).  Moms share a lot of things, but don’t make them share their coffee.  I love the shape of this mug and it practically comes wrapped for you!
  • Killing It Mug (By About a Momma).  Let her know that she’s rockin’ motherhood.

  • 3.5 Hexagon Pillar Candle (By Honey and Fern).  Buy a candle from Carly and rest assured that you are buying from a kind, kind soul.  Read her “About” section to see how meticulous her candle making process is.  I met Carly through a college friend and have always admired her lifestyle.  She’s a mama, yogi, and partners with local beekeepers to create hand poured 100% beeswax candles that smell of honey.  Her candles have a clean look that fit into any styled home.
  • I Get It From My Mama Candle (By Often Wander).  This candle is just darn cute.  I can’t speak to the scent personally, but the description notes that it “appeals to everyone,” I’d be willing to take a chance on it.
  • You Did a Pretty Good Job Raising Me Mom Candle or Mom Gift Set of 3 Candles (By Silvery Dollar Candle Co.).  Winner for packaging here.  The shop has over 3,000 reviews and with over 20 scents to choose from you are sure to find something that your mom will like.
  • Dixie Grace Candle Company.  Ahhh, another friend of mine and sweet soul, Kim!  I met Kim when we lived in Maryville, Illinois; we were neighbors.  She came over for a Halloween party and I was sold.  She and her hubby recently welcomed an adorable baby girl into the world so a first Mother’s Day is just around the corner for her.  A couple of years ago Kim and her friend Katie launched this Southern inspired company.  I love how they describe what the name means to them.
    “As for our name, Dixie Grace. Separately, these are two very meaningful words: Dixie is considered home to us and Grace is something we strive to portray, vow to give, and hope to receive. When combined, the name Dixie Grace is a moment in time, a sweet memory, a smell, a sound. It reminds us to never forget where we came from and always have grace in our hearts. We hope that some of the scents we have chosen will take you back to a special place in time and represent your very own Dixie Grace. For us, these scents are HOME.”
    Ben actually ordered me one of their glass candles shortly after they started up and it was beautiful, an added bonus on top of smelling lovely.  They specialize in pure soy, wooden wick candles.
  • Coco Chantel Candles.  One more shoutout to a gal I know!  I very recently became connected with Chantel through social media.  Chantel and Coco (her dog :-)) craft candles that are environmentally friendly out of San Diego.  Right now her 7oz Frosted Candles are on sale for $14.50!  I asked her for some Mother’s Day recommendations and she recommends Sea Salt & Orchid, Sunkissed Apple, and Mimosa Sundays. Seashells are shipped with every purchase too!
  • 1803 Candles.  Representing Illinois!  These candles are always my go to at Christmas time, but they have scents for days and have expanded into a variety of different products.  My recommendation for mommas out there this May?  The Farmhouse Soy Jar Candle!

That wraps up my list for Coffee Cups and Candles this Mother’s Day.  Is it just me or does it seem like the word “Cupcake” should be added in there?  Probably just me, I’m hungry.  Comment with other unique shops that you know about, I love finding gems like these!  Stay tuned for the next post in this series coming soon.