Hi, I’m Ashley, the voice behind Sprinkled Sunshine -welcome to my little nook on the internet!  You can expect to see a sprinkle of food and drink recipes, home and DIY projects, life experiences, and a little somethin’ to show off your style.  My resume does not resemble anything similar to that of Martha Stewart, Joanna Gaines, Rachel Hollis, or Lauren Conrad.  Let’s clear up that up from the get-go.  I attended the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign for both my undergraduate and graduate degrees and happen to also work for the University of Illinois full-time.  January 29, 2018 marks the day I decided to muster up enough courage to hit “publish” on my first blog post and Sprinkled Sunshine was born.

You can find me in a 1950s county house with 3 rambunctious boys; one of whom I met back in middle school, my husband Ben. The other two? My sweet children…most of the time, Chase and Jack. These boys have forever changed my life in a way that I can’t even begin to explain. Raised by my mom and dad alongside 3 younger sisters of who I absolutely adore, a house of all boys seemed like a game changer. I now know that I am lucky to have the best of both worlds. So there you have it -I’m a career driven woman who also happens to be a wife, a mom, a daughter, a sister, and hopefully a new friend to you! In between all of those things, I like to dabble.

Dabble in sweets, holy smokes do I have a sweet tooth?!  My 96 year old grandma is to blame.  Don’t be surprised to see blog posts on how to make a birthday cake for your little one’s birthday, maybe even to celebrate yourself…or an Instagram post with something bought last minute …because… well, time?!  Despite my relationship with desserts, I’ve got a healthy relationship with the foods that are good for you too –they aren’t strangers to this blog.

Dabble in projects…isn’t the big reveal on Fixer Upper so exciting, ginormous poster and all???  Well, yeah, you aren’t going to get that here –BUT, you will get a glimpse into projects that we do with little to no experience ourselves…projects that you can do too.  Follow me on Instagram @ash__gorman for home story highlights to see how we are transforming our house into a home.  Ever since getting married in 2012, I’ve been a crafter, mainly to save a dime -expect small scale décor projects on the blog too.  Disclaimer: none of these will involve sewing, I JUST learned how to put a button back on a blouse in 2018 –I know…

Dabble in experiencing what life has to offer, whether that is new ways to bond as a family, going on a trip, trying out a new restaurant, or embarking on a new fitness program.  My hope here is that by sharing some of these experiences, I can help you create positive experiences for yourself –or maybe avoid the bad!

Dabble in fashion and beauty.  VOGUE.  Harper’s Bazaar.  Can I get an L-O-L?!  In case you hadn’t noticed, I am not on that level.  My wardrobe consists of “work clothes” and I’m into my comfies as soon as I can get home.  As such, what I can bring to the table is office style 70% of the time with a mix of casual 30% of the time.  I will never have a vlog with beauty tutorials, because again, can I get an L-O-L?!  Let’s leave these to the pros.  What I will do is offer truthful reviews on the products that I do try as I experiment with ways to “primp” for lack of a better word.

So welcome friends, this is going to be fun!  I made a resolution for 2019 to post to the blog once per week –you can stay in the know every Saturday by subscribing below.  I’m currently most active on Instagram and Pinterest so feel free to join in on the fun there too.  My social icons are in the top right-hand corner, make sure to say hi!  To get in touch with me via email, just go here!

Thank you for following along!