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10 Ways to Wear a Blazer from The Mr. & Ms. Collection outside of a Pantsuit

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Pack 1, Pack 2, Pack 3, and now I’m on Pack 4 from The Mr. & Ms. Collection, just in time for the colder weather! About this time of year I’ve had it with my summer items and I’m ready to bring on the cozy. Let’s add a tally on the scoreboard for The Ms. Collection as their women’s clothing subscription box has pulled through with another win this month. A fuchsia Donna Morgan dress, another staple BB Dakota top, Velvet Heart denim pants, and a Cupcakes and Cashmere blazer -I am here for all of that.

The dress doubled as perfect for work and special occasions while the top and denim were great pieces for everyday wear. My absolute favorite piece that The Ms. Collection styling service sent this go-round though was the blazer -and that is why I’m chatting about 10 different ways to wear it today!

Brand name, no brand name…typically I don’t care when it comes to clothing, I just look for whatever I feel good in. I’m not about to pay my whole paycheck for any single item -that be crazy (in my opinion). Cupcakes and Cashmere though, I must note, is a brand that I’ve been wanting to try for years! I’ve always thought it was a little pricey so I’ve stayed away. I just looked on their website and some items are reasonable, while others I can’t justify…over $100 for a coat -yes…over $60 for a graphic tee -no. Again, these are my opinions and my shopping habits…I respect your’s whatever they are so hopefully you can respect mine :-). Anyhow, Emily Schuman created this line and I became familiar with her through her blog. She’s gone on to write books and obviously is wildly successful in her line of business -which is inspiring to me.

So the fact that I’m able to try her brand out via The Ms. Collection is exciting! That’s just another benefit to this styling service that I don’t think I’ve mentioned in my previous posts. The Mr. & Ms. Collection sends high-end brand clothing that you can wear for a fraction of the cost in comparison to what you would have spent if you bought it on your own.

Okay, have I talked too much? I hear ya, I’ll get on with the ways that you can style this blazer -or most any other blazer. I still remember when my mom took me to buy my first suit (thanks mom :-)). I was a college senior, we went to The Limited, it was all black, and I was ready to stumble through my first few interviews…those poor interviewers. Anyhow -what I’m getting at – is that back then, the only time a blazer came out was with that pantsuit. Nowadays, I love a good blazer whether it is dressed up or dressed down. So, if you’ve got a blazer stuck in the back of your closet or maybe you’d like to get one but are unsure if you will get your wear out of it, this post is for you!

Option #1 – With skinny denim jeans and a turtleneck

My go-to in the winter if I’m not wearing the blazer as business casual. Despite the dressing room setting, these are all items from my own closet; easy staples.

Option #2 – With skinny denim jeans and a plain tee

Another easy staple -just thrown on a plain t-shirt! Don’t be afraid to mix your high piece items with bargain finds.

Option #3 – With skinny denim jeans and a graphic tee

Spruce up the plain tee by making it a graphic tee; channeling my friendly side here, but depending on the text you can channel anything you want here!

Option #4 – With skinny denim jeans and a textured blouse

My previous blog posts with The Mr. & Ms. Collection have all featured mixing their items with all of my own items. I wanted to get out and try on a few different things in store as I realize that nobody’s closet is identical. Hoping that I can pull in a little something from each and everyone’s closet with all of these…also, it maybe have been nice to have a tiny bit of alone time too, shhh! Love the lace detail on this one paired with the blazer. You might try velvet, velour…sequins for the holidays?

Option #5 – With skinny colored denim jeans and a blouse

Brought in some black denim here to change it up. Simply changing the bottoms for all of these options gives you 20 additional different looks!

Option #6 – With a dress

Ignore my spit on the mirror here -j/k. A simple, solid color dress is an easy way to wear a blazer as business casual or business professional without having to go the pantsuit route. If you have a plain color blazer, try a dress with a pattern too!

Option #7 – With a skirt and sweater

Yet another option for business casual or business professional. Add some tights or leggings to stay warm!

Option #8 – With flare jeans and a sweater/top that brings out the more subdued colors of the blazer

Changing the bottoms up again! There are so many different styles of jeans these days -pick out a few of your favs and experiment with the different looks that you can create. By default, I think I typically tend to match my undershirts with at least one of the colors that make up a blazer like this. So for instance, this blazer has blue lines in it (though they might be hard to see in these pictures) -hence the blue light weight sweater. It is safe…

Option #9 – With flare jeans and a colored blouse that you might find yourself asking, “does this even match?”

…However, sometimes you can getaway with adding a color that isn’t included in the makeup of the blazer. With a solid color blazer, I think it may come natural for many of us to select an undershirt that is a different color, but maybe not as naturally when the blazer is printed. Test things out!

Option #10 – With flare jeans and a sweater that pops

…See, it happened again! Only this time, the popping color is a very bulky sweater. If your blazer has some extra room, you don’t HAVE to wear a thin shirt underneath it. With this look I could go out on a crisp fall day without a coat and be semi-toasty.

If you are interested in trying out pieces like this blazer from The Ms. Collection or The Mr. Collection, then you are in luck! Use my coupon code “sprinkledstyle” at checkout for 20% off your first month of the subscription clothing rental service. They membership options at various price points from $59-$89 with two different shipping speeds at once per month or unlimited are listed below.

For those of you that choose to try it out, make sure to let them know your preferences in your Style Profile so that they can customize your first box to fit your needs specifically. I feel like they have got mine down pat!

…I’m going to go wear my blazer one last time, be back again soon!


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