100+ Leopard, Cheetah, & Snakeskin Styles to love in Fall 2019

Style trends come, go, and then often decide to make a reappearance at one point or another. I’ve gotta be honest, half the time I’m probably not up to speed with what currently is considered “on trend.” I like to just go with my gut on what feels good to me. This season though, I can’t help but notice that animal prints are EVERYWHERE…leopard, cheetah, snakeskin, crocodile, tiger, zebra…and I’m sure that I am missing others. Now, I’m not a fan of wearing real animal skin, but the fake stuff -heck ya I’m on board!

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It started a few months ago when I started drooling over all of the prints that the Vince Camuto Gigietta Booties come in…seriously, check them out for yourself, there are 6 prints alone not counting the solid colors -and they are all adorable. They are a lot more than I typically pay for a pair of shoes so until I make up my mind, I’ll continue rocking my 2 year old Target, clearance, leopard flats. I wear my shoes into the ground so maybe I can justify this splurge…

Anyhow, this past Sunday, I got together with Sam from Magnolia Rayne to get some photos taken for my sister-in-law’s brand, Above Able. Nicole just opened up her online boutique this past July and is on a mission to empower women -she is absolutely rocking at it. If you aren’t familiar with the concept, you can read about her why here…then you might just be hooked like the rest of us in her lady gang :-).

Digging into the bag of Above Able fall arrivals this past weekend, I immediately reached for the Leopard Cardigan pictured below. A few short days later, after having some writer’s block on this blog of mine, it dawned on me to pull my head together and write this fun little blog post. I know I’m not the only one out here who is loving the animal prints this season so today I’m making it easy for you all and I’m grouping a bunch of goodies all in one spot!

Did ya’ll hop over to the Above Able site and check it out? If so, then this sweet little human probably looks familiar -this is the owner, Nicole! Notice that she is wearing snakeskin 😉 and you can grab her bodysuit here.

Nicole’s stuff usually sells out pretty quick, but as of now, she’s got a few other animal print items that you can grab if your size is right: the Snakeskin Tank Top, the Leopard Mock Neck Top, Snakeskin Wedge Sneakers, and a Snakeskin Skirt. Follow along on her Instagram and/or Facebook page for up-to-date items and to get to know some of the other amazing women that you see on her site.

If the above wasn’t enough to get you covered for all of your fall animal print needs, keep a scrollin’. The focus here today is going to be on leopard/cheetah prints and snakeskin prints; I’ve got 3 sections a piece for both. The 3 sections are broken down by price: Bargain Bin at $25 and under, Middle Ground at $25-$50, and then Investment Pieces at $50-$100. I’m keeping pricing real friendly here today with tons of options to sift through. Each of the 6 sections below has at least 25 items so we are in leopard/cheetah/snakeskin overload today :-).

*Please note that when these sections were compiled, some items were on sale and pricing may fluctuate from date to date. If you are viewing a section and the pricing does not correlate with the section heading -this is why.*

Leopard/Cheetah Bargain Bin: $25 and under

Leopard/Cheetah Middle Ground: $25-$50

Leopard/Cheetah Investment Pieces: $50-$100

Snakeskin Bargain Bin: $25 and under

Snakeskin Middle Ground: $25-$50

Snakeskin Investment Pieces: $50-$100

Fall Animal Print Styles

Are there any other “trends” or non-trends that you’d like to see rounded up like this? Give me a shout if you have ideas and thanks for stopping in!


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