Sponsored by Wayfair: Shiplap Walls Decorated for Fall

Some love it, some hate it, and some are just…indifferent. Me? Why don’t you just give me all the shiplap! I’m one who adores it. We did our first few walls when we completed our master bathroom renovation and we are slowly adding a few more here and there. I wouldn’t be mad if I woke up tomorrow morning to find the whole house in shiplap…I’d actually take that over a fresh, homemade cinnamon roll. Guys, that is saying a lot.

That being said, it is no surprise that we now have a few shiplap walls in and by our kitchen.

I couldn’t get a before picture of this wall because Ben started without telling me and I can’t be mad about that! I don’t remember what we made a bet on, but if I won -he had to do these walls ASAP…this was supposed to include painting the walls too. I still ended up doing the painting but let’s focus on the fact that I won the bet!
DIY shiplap walls in the kitchen
I did grab one before picture of the second wall before it was finished!
DIY kitchen shiplap wall

While staring at our shiplap walls, I can now sit and eat a cinnamon roll. I suppose technically I could do that in our bathroom too, but ya’ll know what I mean! I’ve had a vision in my head for months now on how I want to decorate these walls, but it has yet to come together. It is simply a matter of finding the right pieces at the right prices. Until then, I am ecstatic that I got the opportunity to partner with Wayfair to seasonally decorate these walls for fall! I love Wayfair and purchase products from them regularly so when this opportunity for a sponsored post came along I was all about it. When I was looking for items I knew that I wanted something that I could easily put up and take down without causing a lot of damage to the wall. We all know in late November I’m going to want to switch over to Christmas decor :-).

Here are my winners:

Pictured below is the Gerling Welcome To Our Pumpkin Patch Vinyl Words Wall Decal, just a simple peel and stick! I had planned to actually do a circle with two pieces of the garland using a hula hoop…I’ve been dying to do a garland hula hoop…for years lol! Well, I got the hula hoop and it didn’t quite work out how I had planned…so…improvised! I’ll revisit that project at a later date, until then Command Strips to the rescue! I just used three of them to hang this; one at the top middle and one on each side.

Fall decor from Wayfair for shiplap

On the other wall, another easy peel and stick with the Germann You Pick Local Pumpkins Vinyl Words Wall Decal. Again, I just used three command strips along with 2 pieces of the garland. This past May, we had some family photos taken by Peyton of Petyon Marie Photography and it is about time we got some of them framed. She did such a good job! Chase can’t quite figure out why I picked the photo on the right. “Why would you pick one where you can’t see you and daddy’s head?” I had to laugh at that -a fair question right?

Fall decor from Wayfair for shiplap wall
Family Photo Credit: Peyton Marie Photography

What I love about this garland is that it really could work for fall and winter, that’ll give me some grace if I can’t decide what to do for the winter holidays! It really could be as simple as switching out the decals if I want to be easy on myself.

Fall decor from Wayfair for shiplap wall
Family Photo Credit: Peyton Marie Photography

What are your favorites for fall decor? If you still need some inspo and you liked this post, you might like some of the other garland pieces that Wayfair has for the season -you can browse those here. There are also more options for fall wall decor here!

It’s that time ya’ll, it’s fall!


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