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The Mr. & Ms. Collection Review: 4 pieces worn over 15 ways

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With the official end date of summer approaching near the end of this month, I’ve taken advantage of one last box from The Mr. & Ms. Collection inclusive of summer pieces. If you’ve been following along on my subscription box journey through this styling service then you already know all about my first box and my second box; the latter done in conjunction with my husband when he tried out The Mr. Collection. For this box in particular I wanted to see how many outfits I could create from the 4 pieces that I received. Additionally, I wanted to do this using pieces from my own closet that I thought many of you might have as well. Maybe you do, maybe you don’t? I went with black items and kept them to a minimum: a black blazer, a black skirt, black heels, black flip-flops, and I threw in a black statement necklace for some pizzazz. Even if you don’t currently own these black staples, they are easy to find at a variety of price points.

Today’s main takeaway is that with just a few staple items already in hand, a box from The Ms. Collection can mean a new mini wardrobe to wear for a variety of occasions in your everyday life. You probably noted the title of this post references the number “15” and I’m not kidding! Not everyone’s daily life is going to look the same, but for me, it typically is business casual during the weekday, casual-ish on the weekend, and I enjoy getting dressed up if I’ve got a reason for it. Full disclosure -I love just wearing comfies too: a beat up t-shirt that I’ve had for years and some yoga pants with a big waist band…or one of Ben’s three quarter length shirts can win me over most any night. If there is a need for a comfy style post, by all means let me know and I’m happy to go down that road at some point. No matter what your daily style is, I’m hoping that there is at least one take away for ya in this read.

So let’s get started…from the women’s clothing subscription box we’ve got:

From my own closet, a collection of black staple items. I’ve linked some of them below along with a few others that would work too!

Pulling the pieces from The Ms. Collection, outfits #1-#3 were my go-tos without putting any thought into them. Can I tell you that I squealed a little bit when I unwrapped the red dress? This has my name written all over it with the lace detail. I ran downstairs and told Ben he needed to take me on a hot date -his reply “don’t you already have that dress?” For the record, I do not. This just goes to show how stellar Hanna (my stylist) did with picking out items I love. In Ben’s defense, he was all set to take me on that date night with our kids gone camping over the weekend…but a night of ice cream and binge watching Netflix sounded much more enjoyable in that moment. I had my chance. Instead I voted for City Girl Yogurt and started 3 different shows only to stop them all they were so terrible. Someone please send recommendations for the next time this rare occasion occurs?! Anyhow, then we’ve got the gray tie top paired with the denim shorts for a causal look, and the floral top paired with a black H&M skirt for a workday look.

So let’s take my favorite piece from the box, the Maggy London dress…7 more ways to wear it below, who would have known a dress could be so versatile?!

More options using the denim shorts as a base…if you haven’t already heard me say this before, I’ll say it now -I’m not typically a fan of shorts, especially denim shorts. However, this pair is a winner. The waist is stretchy and the length a happy medium between the two extremes that I usually run into.

And some more work options all starting with the basic tee…

There ya have it -15 different looks! You can start styling with The Ms. Collection too (or The Mr. Collection for the fellas!) at 20% off your first month -just use coupon code “sprinkledstyle” at checkout, grab one of the following memberships, and enjoy!


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