Easy Outfit Planning as a Couple: A Review with The Ms. Collection

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A little over a month ago I wrote about my first box that I received from The Mr. & Ms. Collection, a personal styling service for both men and women. Their men’s side is The Mr. Collection and their women’s is The Ms. Collection. Last month I started solely with the women’s clothing subscription box, but this month I added a men’s clothing subscription box for Ben to try out. How fun to receive 2 boxes of goodies for the both of us?!

The Mr. & Ms. Collection

Back when we went to Nashville for the CMA Awards, I found myself wandering our local mall #slimpickins a couple days before trying to pick up something for Ben to wear. Grabbing a couple shirts from American Eagle and Express, I truly remember asking myself “I wonder what Ben would actually pick out if he were here himself?” You see, he’s a fairly simple guy. Jeans and a polo to work everyday and then 85% of the rest of his clothes (that he actually wears) are athletic wear. On occasion I make him get “dressed up,” but I’m not one of those wives that dresses their husband (though I totally would if he’d let me :-)). If I bring him something home, it is either a “yeah, I will probably wear that” or a hard no. There is no convincing him to wear something that I think he’d look good in if he isn’t feelin’ it. So, that being said, I was curious how his box would go over.

My clothing rental last month was intended to be geared towards work attire. This month we went a little different route with clothing appropriate for family outings; pretty casual overall. When not at work, the majority of our time is spent with family so this made sense.

Of course, I excitedly opened my box first. It included a:

Earlier this month I took Jack and Chase over to Indianapolis and we went to the zoo. All I needed was a plain cami and flip-flops to pair with the jean skirt and I was good to go! The skirt had functional snap buttons all the way up the front which seems to be “in” right now and the denim was light so it was perfect for a hot, summer day.

Ben’s box came with a:

Rent the Looks, Own the Style - The Mr. & Ms. Collection

Off to an unsuccessful day of couch shopping, we both sported our favorite items from each of our boxes respectively. Jack wasn’t impressed…

The Mr. & Ms. Collection

Ben’s shorts -love the color and I’m actually impressed that he was drawn to them without any coaxing from me (which would’ve been unsuccessful anyway). All of his shorts are either blue, khaki, black, or gray so this color is something new for him. (Side note: I told you he was into athletic wear if you noted his shirt). My dress -love that it had ties on both sides to adjust the waistline (or lack of, if that would have been my preference). Also, the material was so light I felt like I barely had anything on -definite yes for summer. Both of these items were pieces that we would have worn over and over again.

Same with the below -just casual tops for easy pairing with jeans. No thought needed for a family dinner al fresco at The Bread Company.

The Mr. & Ms. Collection

Or…steppin’ it up just a tad for date night at Seven Saints. I LOVE the pattern and color of this button-up for Ben. Unfortunately it was just a tad too snug for his comfort level so I didn’t get to admire him in this over a plate of fried cheese curds and a glass of wine -yes, that is the definition of a solid date night. The Everly top that Hanna picked out for me would be perfect with white denim and I just might snag one more wear out of it for casual Friday before sending back!

If you missed my post from last month, I do have a coupon code “sprinkledstyle” that you can plug in at checkout for 20% off your first month. This works for The Ms. Collection AND The Mr. Collection, yahoo! It’s a great way to test the waters to see if this is a service for you. Membership options range from $59-$89 with two different shipping speeds at once per month or unlimited. You can opt for any of the following memberships:

As a couple, we often find ourselves asking each other “what are you going to wear?” -when I say “we” -I’m usually the one asking the question. However, I think I speak for both of us (mostly) when I say that we typically like to be dressed on the same page when going somewhere. Meaning, if I’m wearing jeans and a tank, then Ben is probably going to change out of his mesh shorts and put on jeans. Having similarly themed boxes was convenient because we could just say “well, let’s just wear something from our box” -no back and forth needed! When I think about The Mr. Collection box on its own, I think of a few different types of guys…1) the guy who has no clue but wants to look like he has a clue, 2) the guy who already has it together and has a genuine interest in clothes, 3) the guy who’s wife orders it for him to try something new, 4) the guy who is too lazy to shop for himself, etc. etc.! Men -if this might be you…The Mr. Collection might be for you. Don’t be embarrassed to ask questions if ya got any ;-).

Talk to ya again soon folks!


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