Happy Guy Gift Card Giveaway…ladies you can benefit from this card too!

There are a couple days left before the giveaway for a $100 Happy Guy Gift Card ends that I’m running over on my Instagram -easy entry instructions can be found on the post here. Before August 20th comes and goes, I wanted to let the ladies know that this card can actually be very beneficial for the gals too -don’t let the Burger King and B’Dubs logos throw you off (though there is nothing wrong with those options if they are your cup of tea). If I were to have this gift card all to myself…I’d take advantage of Lord & Taylor and Home Depot. To get your mind rolling, I’ve included a few ideas below. All of these products are under $100 or at least close to it once you plug in a discount code. (Lord & Taylor is currently having a sale for 20% off regular and sale items with code “FALL” -of course there are some exclusions). Though I didn’t include many items over $100, this is a great opportunity to potentially win $100 off a bigger price tag item that you need for minimal effort! Anyone want a new Christmas Tree? Upgrades for the house? Bedding? Furniture? I’m raising my hand for all of the above!

*The below images are affiliate links and I can earn a commission off of any purchases made by clicking on them -but really I’m hoping that these just give ya some ideas on how you could get some items like the below fo’ free …that you may have not thought of when seeing a gift card that is marketed for a “guy.”

Best of luck!


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