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Refresh all Summer Long with this Cocktail

Two back to back cocktail recipes…things are getting a little crazy over here! Last week we talked Peach Summer Sangria Spritzer, this week we are talking Cool Cucumber Spritzer. Cucumber. I know. I bet some of you read that and immediately were like “ugh, really?” Some of you are probably a little intrigued…and then some of you are my true people -you heard “cucumber” + “cocktail” and thought “yeah, that’s gotta be bomb.”

*This drink recipe is only intended for individuals of legal drinking age.

Cool Cucumber Spritzer

I’ve gotta give credit to my good friend Katie for reminding me that Ketel One Botanical Cucumber & Mint Vodka exists. I was over at her house not too long ago and the pretty bottle caught my eye -why had I also not made this summer purchase?! I’m not typically a hard alcohol consumer these days, with the exception of a margarita here and there, but this vodka my friends, is not your typical vodka. It is glorious. It’s crisp. Fresh. If ever there were an alcohol made to drink after you workout -this is it. With just a hint of cucumber and mint, the flavor is nice and subtle. No wrinkling of the nose, just smooth sailing.

Cool Cucumber Spritzer

Kudos to Kara and Nate (mainly Kara I think) for providing the best signature wedding drinks years ago. This is the first time I’d been introduced to cucumber in a drink, with Sprite, I believe -but don’t quote me on that. This summer I’ve been crushing on it with flavored sparkling water. This Simply Balanced Cucumber Mint Sparkling Water is from Target and it worked like a charm. If your Target has Project 7 Lime Mint Mojito Sparkling Water -try this! I had intended to buy Project 7, but our Target was sold out. After trying this by itself a couple months ago, I guarantee it’d be a good match too.

In either case, the Simply Balanced worked in Project 7’s place -and I happily drink this by itself too. Throw in some ice, some limes, and if you’re feeling extra -toss some fresh mint leaves in there as well. A perfect, non-alcoholic drink to keep you hydrated and a little something different to sip on when you are burnt out on water. Bonus points – your waist and this drink will be friends.

Cool Cucumber Spritzer

Sparkling water by itself or vodka included, your waistline will be happy. At 73 calories per 1.5 ounce, the Botanical line from Ketel One is a great option for those looking at low cal cocktails. Paired with a sparkling water, the cals remain low.

Cool Cucumber Spritzer

So friends, it’s simple.

If you are someone who likes something a little sweeter, consider topping this off with Sprite, Gingerale, or 7UP. You could also add a pinch of sugar or even some simple syrup. Lastly, fresh mint. If I wouldn’t have had to make an extra trip for fresh mint I would’ve added it in a heartbeat. Then you’ve got good breath too -another win.

With a number of hot days still ahead of us, pin this as a reminder for later -it would be a great option for summer entertaining. 1) Fill a glass drink dispenser with sparkling water, limes, and fresh mint, 2) Fill an ice bucket with ice, 3) Have a bottle of Ketel One Botanical Cucumber & Mint Vodka handy. Guests then have the option to drink infused sparkling water over ice or add a little spike to it, whatever their preference might be!

Cool Cucumber Spritzer

Stay cool friends!


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  1. Katie says:

    This looks delicious! Can’t wait to try it!

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