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What to Wear Solved with The Mr. and Ms. Collection

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“I don’t have anything to wear.” Who said it? Me. Rachael. Hannah. Morgann. I could keep rattling off names, but I’m going to stop with my sisters. I know I’m safe putting them on blast. Okay, one more. Ben…safe putting the hubs on blast too, most of the time. My point is this is a statement that is often heard by females and males alike. Why? There might be a special event coming up that calls for something out of your ordinary wardrobe. Or, maybe you are just simply tired of your ordinary wardrobe, it just feels stale. The seasons might be changing, your body might be changing, your taste might be changing, your lifestyle might be changing…there are lots of reasons some of us might be fortunate enough to run into this first world problem. If and when you do, please allow me to introduce to The Ms. Collection and The Mr. Collection, a personal styling service for both men and women.

The Mr. & Ms.. Collection

The Mr. & Ms. Collection is a subscription clothing rental service offering membership options ranging from $59-$89 with two different shipping speeds at once per month or unlimited. *Bonus* – Enter the coupon code “sprinkledstyle” in at checkout for 20% off your first month! They have a styling service for men, The Mr. Collection, and a styling service for women, The Ms. Collection. You can opt for any of the following memberships:

The Mr. & Ms. Collection

There is a Style Profile that you fill out to let your stylist know what your measurements, sizes, and preferences are. Here you can indicate your type of style on a daily basis and the frequency. For instance, I’m typically in business casual wear during the week, but anything goes on the weekend. You can also let your stylist know what types of pieces your prefer (or don’t). There is space in your Style Profile to relay any special messages that you might want to make your stylist aware of. I specifically liked that there was a place where I could direct the stylist to one of my Pinterest boards to give her a better idea of the looks I’m a fan of. Once your Style Profile is complete, your stylist will get to work pairing you with looks that you can rock. You have the option to purchase any of the items with your member discount and monthly credit if there is something that you receive that you simply can’t part with.

The Mr. & Ms. Collection

Opening up my box was a little like that feeling you get as a kid on Christmas morning, what would be in it?! A sweet note from my stylist, Kenli, with four different items: a J.O.A. lace skater skirt, a BB Dakota floral top, a Vince Camuto blue top, and a Sangria Kelly green dress. In Kenli’s note she mentioned that she thought I’d like the skirt judging from my Pinterest board and she was spot on. This was my favorite piece and something that I’d pick out myself in a heartbeat. I paired it with a chambray top from my own closet; tie it in a knot or tuck it in for two slightly different looks.

The Mr. & Ms. Collection
The Mr. & Ms. Collection

While both blouses could have been worn with the lace skirt, I chose to pull from my own closet again to finish out these looks. The below skirt is something that I got last fall, and up until this month, I thought it was reserved for the fall with black tights and tall boots. Scanning my closet, I thought what the the heck and tried it on with the BB Dakota blouse. Part of the fun of this service is playing mix and match. This top would have been perfect to have when I went to the CMT Awards in June!

The Mr. & Ms. Collection

Easy switch to wear with some denim too.

The Mr. & Ms. Collection

The Vince Camuto top was really easy to pair with items from my closet as the bulk of my bottoms are black. I wore it with the knit pencil skirt and lace shorts shown below as well as an above the knee skirt.

The Mr. & Ms. Collection
The Mr. & Ms. Collection

You’ll note that I knotted this shirt in the first style above. Had I worn it regularly, it would have been a little too flowy for me. Something to keep in mind is that you have the ability to give feedback in your member account and update your Style Profile to change your preferences at any time. So in my case, I’ll be leaving feedback that this top was a little bit on the loose side for me. I had indicated in my Style Profile initially that I liked both loose fitted tops as well as form fitted tops, so it makes sense that I’d be sent this. On another note, the color is one of my favorites and I was able to make it work nonetheless! Have fun with thinking of creative ways to wear your pieces!

Lastly, the dress. A great length for the workplace with strategic draping to flatter the middle section. While mixing and matching from my own closet was fun, it was nice to have an option that required zero thought. This is why I love dresses. Put one thing on and you are good to go. This picture doesn’t show it well, but the dress material drapes to the side and is clasped with a pretty gold ring.

The Mr. & Ms. Collection

Just to give you an idea on price, the pieces that I received ranged from $58 to $114 and with the member price to purchase, the pieces ranged from $52.50 to $91.20. Not to shabby for $69 per month. If you have additional questions about the process, please don’t hesitate to ask me or you can checkout more information here. Their customer service has been exceptional so I wouldn’t hesitate to reach out to them directly either! I’ll be back soon with thoughts on my second box and maybe even a few thoughts from Ben on the men’s collection too.

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The Mr. and Ms. Collection

Fashionably yours,

(PS – I totally stole their signature line. They sign off of every email like this and I love it -something different!)


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