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Welcome to The Waverly in 12 South

Once upon a time there was an Airbnb with twinkling string lights, a French Press Coffee Maker, and natural light for days. Pretty throw pillows covered the couch, copper pots and pans filled the cupboards, and a collection of records sat waiting to be played. This fairytale Airbnb exists in real life and is called The Waverly. My husband and I had the pleasure of staying there this past week when we visited Nashville to go to the CMT Awards.

The Waverly - An Airbnb in 12 South Nashville

Per the Nashville Convention and Visitor’s Corp (NCVC), Nashville had 9 new hotels open up in 2017, 15 in 2018, and 22 slated for 2019. Vacation rentals are booming right along with the hotel industry and with the reported 15.2 million people visiting Nashville in 2018 by the NCVC, I can see why. One can go down a long winding path when trying to figure out where to stay in music city -I know I have on multiple occasions. Hotels, bed & breakfasts, hostels, and vacation rentals in the form of homes, condos, apartments, tents, tree houses, trailers…the options are endless. Of the available options, there are a large chunk that appear to be of really high quality too. How do you narrow it down?

Welp -you can use this review as one way. When planning our less than 24 hour trip in Nashville, I already knew what neighborhood I wanted to stay in, so that helped a little bit in terms of narrowing the available options down. 12 South, just a short Lyft ride to Bridgestone Arena and downtown, but far enough away to retire from the crowds and loud atmosphere. Bubbling over with cute homes and charm, the neighborhood is walkable with enough to do to fill at least a day.

The Waverly Airbnb in 12 South Nashville

The Waverly building itself has 3 stops that you can make: Face Nashville, Box, and Inner Light Yoga. Go get your beauty on, grab a coffee and avocado toast, and then do the Downward Facing Dog. Or maybe I’ve got that routine backwards? In any case, how relaxing does this sound? This has perfect girls getaway written all over it.

BOX in 12 South Nashville
(This is a photo from the back entrance). If you enjoy healthy food, please take a look at this menu -yum!
Inner Light Yoga in Nashville 12 South
PS – You can buy a single class for $20 per their website currently OR at noon on weekdays they have a midday pick me up class for $10 called the $10 Delight. You can find more information on their pricing and options for private parties here.

One of The Waverly’s loft style apartments will sleep 4-6 people, but if you’ve got an even bigger group there is an option to book multiple units. I believe there are 7 units total -you could fill the whole place up with your crew if you wanted. What’s even better is the outdoor shared space, a space where everyone can gather and hang out -and cute as can be!

The Waverly Airbnb in 12 South Nashville
The Waverly Airbnb in 12 South Nashville

You could bring food from downstairs, grab something from one of the local favorites, or whip something up in your kitchen to bring outside. If you can’t tell from the below picture -you’ve got everything that you need -the kitchen is stocked with most any item that you would use. Prior to our arrival we received a large welcome packet that detailed all of the items we could expect to have available. Special requests may be accommodated and if something isn’t what you expect at any point during your stay -they want to know. I didn’t need to reach out for anything (we had more than what we needed) but judging from the tone of their welcome packet and all previous conversations that I had via email, I’m confident that we would have been accommodated promptly and without question.

*I earn a commission off any purchases made via the affiliate links in this post -thank you for supporting me!

The Waverly Airbnb in 12 South Nashville
Hi! That’s me! I loved these counter barstools -the strong contrast between white and wood gets me every time.

Here’s a better picture showing more of the kitchen area. All stainless steel appliances and there is a microwave and dishwasher that you can’t see on the other side of the island. Just a nice open space -aren’t those lights something??

The Waverly Airbnb in 12 South Nashville

The amount of natural light in this place was insane, look at all of those windows! -One of my favorite things about the place.

The Waverly Airbnb in 12 South Nashville

But who am I kidding? I really liked these fun throw pillows, and the blue couch too, if you didn’t catch that in the opening paragraph.

The Waverly Airbnb in 12 South Nashville

Pink and blue? Caaaa-uuttteeee!

Our unit was a 2 bedroom (I believe all of the units have 2 bedrooms, but some have 2 beds, some have 3 beds) -you can take a look at each one here. In our case, there was 1 bedroom on the first floor just off of the living room space and then another bedroom at the top of the stairs; a really nice setup if you are staying with another couple or really anyone else to give everyone their own space to retreat to. Each bathroom had its own full bathroom as well -added bonus.

So we’ve got the first floor room here…

The Waverly Airbnb in 12 South Nashville

Oh hey Dolly!

The Waverly Airbnb in 12 South Nashville

There’s another pop of that pretty blue…

The Waverly Airbnb in 12 South Nashville

There is my other half, the one that got roped into going to the CMT Awards without really knowing until less than a week out, wife’s gotta do what a wife’s gotta do. We may have had a conversation earlier on that didn’t go the way I wanted it to…so I went ahead and planned the trip anyway. Not one of my finer moments, but it all worked out -and he looks kinda happy, right? Tehehe. Anyhow, we took advantage of the place and each took our own bathroom but stayed upstairs.

The Waverly Airbnb in 12 South Nashville

Enter upstairs room…

The Waverly Airbnb in 12 South Nashville

Contemporary, fresh, and more brightness. The beds were comfy and made getting out of bed to leave on Thursday a bit of a struggle. After fresh showers, out the black door we went to make a stop at Five Daughter’s Bakery -about a 5 minute walk away, before heading back to Illinois. The bakery was a complete gem and a place that has been on my place to visit in Nashville for awhile now -that list is ever growing just like everything else in the city. I’m going to save details on the places we were able to squeeze in while in 12 South for a separate blog post, more to come on that!

The Waverly impressed. I had high expectations coming to 12 South, and they were lived up to -so, if you are trying to decide on a place to stay in this area, I recommend it -especially if you’ve got a group that you are trying to get together! How cute would a bridal shower be out in the common area if you booked a few of the units for your gal pals? Or maybe your family is looking for a place to stay where you can all be in the same vicinity, yet still have your own personal space -here ya go! Maybe you just want to get away to some place quiet where you can hole up and have a staycation. The Waverly is a welcoming option for any of the above scenarios. Check out Beckon Homes for their other short term rentals -and maybe even think about starting one up yourself…I know I have!


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