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Modern Farmhouse Master Bathroom Design

A little less than 1.5 acres, 3 bedrooms, 1 bathroom -wait, 1 bathroom? Why on earth would we move from a 2 bathroom house to a 1 bathroom house? Pulling up the gravel drive to this 1950s country house, I asked myself just that question. Then I saw the corn crib and lost all logical thought as my mind wandered off to daydream about what we could make of it.

That corn crib? Turns out it wasn’t even a part of the property. The 1 bathroom that was listed on Zillow? Yep, that was accurate. Fast forward 7 months and here we are, slowly making progress from a house towards a home. First on the agenda (a very long agenda) was putting in a master bathroom to keep the lady in the house happy. The 2 bathrooms in our prior home weren’t anything fancy, but they both had a toilet, shower, and vanity. We made it over half a year with only 1 bathroom in this house so was the second bathroom really the necessity that I claimed it to be? Probably not, but it sure makes getting ready in the morning a heck of a lot easier. If you are okay with me being just a tad dramatic -yes, it was absolutely necessary.

Modern Farmhouse Bathroom Design

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Never having built a house before, this was the first time that we really got to pick out a design concept specific to our style and I’m so pleased with the end result! This was really a labor of love and I’ve gotta give my father-in-law lots of credit as he was critical in making this vision come to life alongside Ben. Lots of evenings and weekends spent working on this after a full work day when I’m sure both of them would have rather been doing something else! This was a family affair and I think that makes me love it even more.

Farmhouse Style Bathroom Install Reveal
Sliding barn door with shiplap walls
Modern Farmhouse Style Master Bathroom Reveal

This blog post is not going to be a DIY guide to putting in a master bathroom, but rather a blog post for bathroom style inspiration. You can check out my Instagram Story Highlight for Home to view what some of the process looked like leading up to these photos. To anyone looking to design a bathroom or renovate an existing bathroom -here are some ideas!

We put in shiplap in our upstairs hallway and in the bathroom -check out my sister-in-law’s blog post on how to DIY. My brother-in-law helped us out with this…told ya, family affair! Bonus -now Ben knows how to do this and I can add more projects down the line :-). White shiplap was the one thing I immediately knew I wanted to brighten up the area and turns out this is a cheaper option compared to putting up regular walls, so this was a win-win.

Modern Farmhouse Style Bathroom with shiplap

See what I mean by bright? This is easily our brightest room in the house, and better be…my one claim to fame with this is I did most of the sanding, staining, and painting…with quite a few snafus, but that is beside the point. We wanted to create a crisp and clean contrast with the white, hence the black and oil-rubbed bronze accents. We purchased our porcelain floor tile from Menards for a nice contrast too. Wendell Wolken Construction installed both our floor and shower tile.

Modern Farmhouse Bathroom Shower

If I remember correctly we ended up getting our subway tile from Lowe’s because they had enough in stock and Menard’s did not -you can get this stuff from many places. We had contemplated white and gray subway tile as well…but black does hide dirt better and we aren’t always the cleanest people. The pictures that you see of this bathroom right now are the cleanest it will ever be!

Modern Farmhouse Style Bathroom

So we’ve been showering in this bathroom for maybe a month now? I’ve been a little delayed in posting about it because we also had to get our ceiling resurfaced (is that even what you call it?)…anyhow, my point is I’ve still yet to move all of my makeup and hair care items over to the new bathroom. The minute this transtition fully happens, the clean bathroom will be loooong gone.

Modern Farmhouse Bathroom

Unless that storage faux leather bin on the shelf saves me. My plan is to either store all of my makeup in there or my hair dryer/wand/straightener/etc. to help with clutter. Having a big storage bin to just throw all of the things in will make organization easier, right? They’ve got a slightly smaller version too that I think might be even better for makeup.

Faux Leather Bathroom Storage Bin

We used a 2×8 board that was laying around in the shed and stained it for the shelves and then got the industrial pipe brackets from Menard’s. The rest of the decor is from Hobby Lobby, leave it to Hobby Lobby almost always. I’ve had these vases from Hobby Lobby for a couple years now, originally getting them for mantle fall decor in our old house, you can move them around and use them for lots of different looks. Little bits of greenery give the room a pop of color and help bring it to life.

Modern Farmhouse Style Bathroom Shelf
Modern Farmhouse Bathroom Greenery Decor
Modern Farmhouse Bathroom Greenery Decor

Ever seen a black toilet? If not -you’re welcome, I’m glad I could introduce you to this :-). When Ben suggested this I had a slight pause, but why not? For those of you wondering -yes, you can still see things in the toilet (I’m going there), it still should be cleaned regularily lol -and dust shows just about the same. However, black helps disguise the rust that can start to build up with the water that we have out in the country. It is nice to have this extra help in between cleanings. Toilet brush cleaner is from Menard’s and the industrial pipe toilet paper holder is from Amazon. We got matching pipe “hooks” as I’ll call them for our towels and then they also have a set of three items that would work nicely in a bathroom like this.

Modern Farmhouse Style Bathroom
Industrial pipe toilet paper holder

We actually specifically chose our sinks to be black because of the rust issue. Our sink in the first bathroom is white and it very easily gets that light brown; we wanted to try and avoid that. Who knew it was so hard to find black sinks?!

Modern farmhouse bathroom black vessel sinks

I know I spent at least 2 full days researching sinks, vanities, vanities with tops, vanities without tops, etc. The beauty of being on medical leave this past winter was I actually had the time to do some of this for hours on end. The time spent was well over 2 full days combined, but I can specifically remember these 2 days scouring the interwebs on my couch growing more frustrated by the minute. I’ve never been on the internet for that long and felt so unproductive. To avoid going on a rant, bottom line is we weren’t finding what we wanted (I reaaaaallllyyyy was set on concrete top/sink with a stained wood vanity) for the price we wanted and we had to change our vision multiple times before we finally settled on a white vanity from Menard’s with no top, a slab of quartz from Luther Falls (outside from their scrap material), and black glass sinks purchased separately. I think these are the exact sinks we got, Ben can correct me if I’m wrong as he actually found them -you can’t beat the price. We looked in all the stores in our area for a black sink and had zero luck.

Modern Farmhouse Style Bathroom
Modern Farmhouse Style Master Bathroom

The fact that I couldn’t see a “proof” of what this would all look like together bothered me (of course), but now that it is all put together I love it. I plan to switch out the hardware on the vanity at some point but it just isn’t a priority right now. *Always keep this in mind when you are looking at furniture, you can always switch out the hardware or paint it a different color. Sometimes it is the smallest details that can turn you off from a piece, but often times you can find ways to make it work!

Modern Farmhouse Master Bathroom Vanity

Again, I stuck with little pops of greenery to bring out some color. I say “I” right now because Ben wouldn’t have opted for that plant on the wall by “his” sink. “What in the world” I heard him say as he walked into the bathroom, “you growing a jungle in here or what” -maybe I am! Anyhow, the plants are here to stay. The one on the wall and the flower in the mason jar vase are both from Michaels; same with the other vases, I’ve had this thing for years and it has served multiple purposes. You can grab the industrial wall basket from Hobby Lobby and the hand towels are cheap ones from Target because am I really going to spend a lot of money on WHITE towels? Nope.

Modern Farmhouse Style Bathroom decor
Modern Farmhouse Style Bathroom decor

Vanity lighting is from, I was a little nervous after I placed my order, I can’t remember what exactly, but something made me question whether the site was legitimate when I received my confirmation email. My nerves were calmed when we received the lights rather quickly and they were just what I expected. The lights are Westinghouse and I ordered through this site because I found them the cheapest here, though you can get them elsewhere too. Right now unbeatablesale looks to only have them in the 1 light or 3 -and the bulbs are from Amazon –these are so bright, I love them! We had our mirror cut to size and stained the wood the same as the shelves that we have up.

Modern industrial farmhouse bathroom vanity lighting

Oh and our other light is from, but again, you can find this multiple places too. Don’t mind the dust on it…it has begun already.

Modern Industrial Lighting for farmhouse bathroom

Lastly, the beloved sliding barn door -we purchased this unfinished from Menards along with the hardware and then stained it to match all of the other wood items in the bathroom using Minwax Dark Walnut.

Stained pine wood sliding barn door in bathroom

All of the doors in our house would be sliding barn doors if I had it my way, and if that were possible. I have a new found obsession with Turkish towels too, these felt rough when I first pulled them out of the package, but after one wash they are so soft. I hear they continue to get softer with every wash and they work perfect for wrapping around your head, you can wrap them a lot tighter than a regular towel.

Let’s see…am I missing anything? Please let me know if I am -as always I’m happy to answer any questions that you may have and wish you the best of luck in your own bathroom design. It is a fun, yet frustrating, but worthwhile process -our master bathroom is currently my favorite room in the house now!


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