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Songs to Run to, Even When Your Body is Over It!

“I ran from the bus to Chick-fil-A,” “woof,” “ran 1.5 yesterday and my knees were hurting,” -these are all directly from the group text message I’ve had going with my sisters about the Marathon Relay this coming April. The relay is one of the races that takes place as part of the Illinois Marathon weekend in Champaign-Urbana, Illinois every year. Note there are only 3 quotes there and 4 of us total…anyone who knows us girls want to take a guess at who was keeping quiet while the rest of us were dragging on? Ya, the ones that does CrossFit, she was probably busy finishing her WOD that morning. Anyhow, we’ve been going back and forth about signing up for it and I think we are at 2 confirmed and 2??? So, if you are interested and in the area, let us know, we might be in the market for 2 teammates.

Time is no thing -if it were, I’d be kicked off the team. I’ve participated in the Illinois Marathon weekend 5 times since it started back in 2009; twice with my boys in the youth run, twice in the half-marathon, and once in the full 26.2.  All races completed with a main goal of finishing.  Much different in comparison to my youthful days when speed actually existed. My days of distance running seem very…well distant.  It has been a good 3 years since I was running regularily (and even then, I don’t know that I can say it was really regularily).

Square one is where we are at right now. I’ve got 2 days under my belt and 1 of those days was yesterday. Windiest. Day. Ever. Oh my gosh, it was miserable. My first stretch the wind was propelling me forward in a sprint that was beyond my comfort zone and when I turned around to run home I felt like I was running with one of those parachutes attached to my body, you know what I’m talking about?? Great workout, great training…not really what I needed on my second day.

Running Playlist

Anyhow, we will get there and we will get there with an evolving playlist over the next couple weeks. A good playlist can make a run less painful…and once in shape, a good playlist can actually make a run enjoyable. How I ever used to run back in my youth without headphones I have no idea! That being said, I’m sharing my playlist from Spotify that I’ll be constantly adding to as I take up running again.  There is a little over 2 hours worth of songs on it right now and that will continue to go up. If you are training for something, hopefully you can take a few of these away for your own playlist. Genuinely, I do really like a little bit of everything when it comes to music, but if I’m going to be running it has either got to 1) pump me up, or 2) make me drift away into deep thought. Without further adieu, my 2019 Running Playlist…

If you have any songs that you love to workout to or run to, drop them in the comments, I’m always on the lookout for new songs to add!


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