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Sprinkled Sunshine Seven: 7 Ways to Wear a Jumpsuit

Let’s take it back to August 2016, this is the first time that I can recall wearing a romper. I’m not really sure why I thought the big 3-0 was the perfect occasion to debut a fashion trend that I didn’t even dare venture into while in college, maybe it was a midi-life crisis? Or perhaps I was shopping last minute over my lunch break the day before my birthday festivities…perhaps a pretty fabric jumped out at me…and perhaps that pretty fabric happened to be a romper. Yep, that is exactly what happened. I was low on time and thought, “what the heck, if this works I won’t have to worry about finding multiple pieces.” By some miracle, the romper fit just right. Ever since that day I’ve been a wearer of the romper -so long it is the kind that completely covers the back side, if ya know what I mean. These can be tricky to find, but they are out there!

Fast forward to February 2019, the first time I ventured into the world of jumpsuits. Same deal as the romper, I’d wanted to try one out for the longest time, but I just couldn’t bite the bullet. It’s not like I had anywhere to go parachuting and what if I looked like I was wearing a baby onesie? (Another “fear” I had with the romper). This past holiday season I saw enough cute, black jumpsuits out that I decided I would take the plunge sooner or later. Little did I know it would be this month!

This month also happens to be the first month of the Sprinkled Sunshine Seven, a monthly blog series that will feature 7 things. If you are a fan of top ten lists or any other form of roundup lists then this series is for you! Nope, no specific “categories,” this gives me free reign to talk about all the things and allows me to cater posts to a broader range of you pretty folk :-). I’m all ears if you have anything that you are particularly interested in, come say hi and don’t be shy! Sound good? Okay! Let’s kick this thing off -jumpsuits…to wear? …to not wear? …how to wear?

7 ways to wear a jumpsuit

The title of this post gives it away -to wear obviously. When I got my first jumpsuit from Downtown Chic I had no idea how versatile the piece could be. When I say no idea, I mean NO idea. I saw the picture of the Do It All Jumpsuit and fell in love with the paper bag waist, so much so that I must have completely ignored the word “jumpsuit” in the title of the product. I thought I was getting a pair of pants. That is the magic of what the paper bag style can do to one’s imagination! I’m cracking up at myself. Even when I was chatting with the sweet owner, Nicole, about sizing -she had mentioned adjustable straps. I still didn’t get a clue until the item came in the mail with the blazer that I was super excited to pair it with. Low and behold, I pull out a jumpsuit (duh Ashley). I went to try it on and just like my experience with my romper, it magically fit just right (those adjustable straps Nicole had mentioned -super convenient and make all the difference in the fit of a one piece like this). So now, I’m a wearer of the jumpsuit, thanks to my love for the paper bag look -it is flattering on any figure in my opinion.

Quickly I realized that with the jumpsuit I had just as many options to style it as I would have had with the pants and so the Sprinkled Sunshine Seven: 7 Ways to Wear a Jumpsuit was born! Bonus -you can simply wear it on it’s own too. Illinois weather in February prevented me from doing so comfortably, but I can’t wait to break this out on its own in warmer months. I hope that this post serves as inspiration for any of you ladies out there who have been hesitant to try jumpsuits out -just go for it!

7 ways to wear a jumpsuit
Option #1: Wear a kimono over the top. Keep it on your shoulders for a more reserved look acceptable for the office or go off the shoulder on one side for something more playful. Perfect option if you want to cover up your skin, but don’t want something too heavy.
7 ways to wear a jumpsuit
Option #2: Thrown on a blazer! Perfect for the working ladies out there. (PS – this blazer is also from Downtown Chic and is my favorite blazer that I own right now, hands down. Nicole has all kinds of color options and you can get 40% off any blazer with code “ashley40.” Check out all the options here. Local ladies, feel free to try mine on to get a feel for the quality!
7 ways to wear a jumpsuit
Option #3: Add a blouse that you can tie underneath a blazer for added warmth. Just take the belt off if you don’t want to have two ties (that is what I did here). You could also tie in a knot to avoid the two ties if you are more comfortable with the belt.
7 ways to wear a jumpsuit
Option #4: For even more warmth, throw a cozy sweater over the top. Ideally a crop sweater is probably going to look best to accentuate the waist. If I would have been taking this picture of myself, I would have said “roll the sweater up one layer” -to create the illusion that it is tucked into the pants/jumpsuit.
7 ways to wear a jumpsuit
Option #5: Throw on lighter material crop top…I’m all about the crop tops with these! I’m pretty modest so you won’t catch me in a crop top unless I’ve got something high waisted. A crop top outfit that meets office dress code :-).
7 ways to wear a jumpsuit
Option #6: Throw on a basic tee and tie a knot in the back or to the side. Keep it casual with flats or dress it up with some heels.
7 ways to wear a jumpsuit
Option #7: Make it an even more casual look with a jean jacket, baseball cap, and sunnies. Perfect transition to throw on after work to go to a baseball game.

The star of the show here is the jumpsuit; however, I’ve linked a few exact items as well as some similar items to what I wore in the above styles (disclosure: these are affiliate links and I will earn a commission off of any purchases made). If I haven’t linked the exact item you are looking for just drop a comment below and I can let ya know where you might be able to find it! You can grab the jumpsuit from Downtown Chic in taupe or heather gray here -so many options!

That’s a wrap! Work to a dinner date, ball game to a board meeting, grocery shopping to a bridal shower, this jumpsuit can take us ladies wherever we need to go. How else would you style a jumpsuit?


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  1. Tracy says:

    Jumpsuits have definitely become an item that is in regular rotation in my wardrobe. I love wearing them with a sweater in the winter for extra warmth!


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