Outfit Ideas for Thanksgiving

“Do you know what you are gonna wear?”  -a reoccurring question between my sisters and I before most any get together.  Thanksgiving is no exception.  I will be surprised if this question does not come through via text message in the next couple of days.  In preparation, I’ve compiled a few Thanksgiving outfit ideas below, everything from dressy to casual to even a pair of pjs!  Let’s face it, sometimes we just want to be comfy, especially when a lot of food is on the agenda.

We will be heading to a Thanksgiving at 2PM on Thursday and then another one at 5PM…not much of a break in there.  I’m not really one for pacing myself either…what can I say!?  I might just opt for my maternity leggings…that I’m currently in…and no, I am not pregnant.  We shall just see how I feel that morning :-).  There are numerous items below that are just good staple items to have during the colder months whether it is Thanksgiving or not.  With Black Friday and Cyber Monday just around the corner think about opting to get sales alerts on any of the items you might like below -they are bound to go on sale if they aren’t already!  Drop me a comment if you aren’t sure how to do that, it is super easy and I’m happy to help ya out!  Gotta put my quick little plug in here to let you know that the links below are affiliate links.  This just means that I can earn extra cash for my piggy bank if you make a purchase after clicking on a link -this does not cost you a penny :-).

Option 1 

Thanksgiving Outfit

Scarf      Jeans      Hat      Sweater     Boots

Option 2:

Thanksgiving Outfit

Dress     Boots (similar)

Option 3:

Thanksgiving Outfit

 Earrings     Top     Pants

Option 4:

Thanksgiving Outfit Idea

Top     Skirt     Leggings (similar)     Boots (similar)

Option 5:

Thanksgiving Outfit

Dress      Tights     Hat     Necklace     Shoes

And some comfy clothes too!  Throw a cardigan over either of these t-shirts and you’ll be cozy all day -or just lounge in some pajamas…even better!

I hope you all have a joyful, filling, and relaxing Thanksgiving no matter what you decide to wear!


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