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In less than two weeks one my little sisters will be getting married [insert wide eyed emoji face] -holy cow, say what?! I couldn’t be more excited for her as she found a good one. Since I can’t seem to put together words for the speech I need to give at the reception I might as well blog about the bachelorette party in Nashville instead, right? Close to the same thing? Hannah, the bride, is super laid back, but probably won’t let me sub this for the speech…sigh.  Love ya sis!

Anyhow, Nashville. I. Love. Nashville. Having only been twice, my bachelorette party and Hannah’s bachelorette party, my list of things I still want to do there is quite long.  Unfortunately when I had my bachelorette party my 3 sisters were all too young to go. Fast forward to 2018 and it is a different story. While this specific post will not cater to everyone’s taste, I do think that Music City has got something for everyone. I highly recommend utilizing Nashville Guru as a resource if you are thinking about visiting, they break things down by neighborhood so you can get a feel for what exists outside of Broadway and the “touristy” stops.  Nashville’s visitor’s bureau is pretty comprehensive too, I utilized their site when I first started researching places to stay.

You gotta sleep somewhere and boy oh boy are there lots of options -many that can get pretty steep in price.  Hotels, Airbnbs, Hostels, Bed and Breakfasts…Camping.  After much debate between a hotel within walking to distance to Broadway vs. an Airbnb, I decided to go with an Airbnb that was just outside of downtown.  The Airbnb was cheaper and absolutely adorable, which made our own decorating job a lot easier.

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Jessie, the hostess, was as sweet as could be responding to all of my questions without blinking an eye.  I’m actually really upset with myself because I missed the window to write a review on Airbnb.  Our experience was so positive that I want to contact Airbnb to see if they will make an exception and still allow me to write a glowing review.  Nashville Bachelorette Party Welcome SignNashville Airbnb Nashville Airbnb

Bachelorette Party Favors

Bachelorette Party Favors

*Note, these bachelorette party favor baskets were not included with the Airbnb in case you were wondering 🙂 -but Jessie did have a bottle of wine waiting for us in the fridge.  I found these cute baskets at Walmart and then just filled them with fun things.  The bride got a sash in her’s, purchased from Lauren Lash Designs, which came in the cutest package.

The rest of the ladies got their tanks which you’ll see in later pictures.  We ordered the black ones through and the bride’s was custom ordered through an Etsy shop.  It looks like Fairy Season no longer carries them, but check out their other graphic tanks and you might be able to find something.  We got them at an unbelievable deal with a coupon code, but were also nervous because they were coming from China.  They ended up working out just fine, but I will say the tags differed between some of the shirts and the sizes were not all identical (one of the smalls actually looked like a large).  In either case, you can get what looks to be an identical version off Amazon too…
 I found the shot glasses and the Detox face masks at T.J. Maxx while all of the other items you can just grab at the store (Voss water, Starbucks Espresso, Mini Champagne bottles, and gum).

Bachelorette Party Favors

With 10 girls we had plenty of sleeping space; there were king beds in every room and the oversized couches downstairs were very comfortable as well.  We didn’t even have to get out the air mattresses.  Nashville AirbnbNashville Airbnb Nashville Airbnb Nashville Airbnb Nashville AirbnbAnother bonus was the available counter space that we had to get ready…with 10 girls that is a serious highlight.  You won’t get that at a hotel.  *Note -the house was filled with white towels, but there is a charge should there be makeup residue left on any of them.  This is made clear via signs that Jessie has left on the countertops, accompanied by complimentary makeup remover wipes.  -Just to make sure you have yourself covered -bring a big pack along for all the gals to share! Nashville Airbnb Nashville Airbnb

Nashville Airbnb

Nashville Airbnb

I’m no professional photographer so if my pictures above haven’t convinced you that this is a gem of a find, check out the video tour -seriously, how often do you get to preview the place you are going to stay like this?  I was assured by Jessie that the area was safe and got that vibe from other reviewers; however, when you look it up on Google Maps it may make you feel a little skeptical -I was.  I’m telling you all now -we felt very safe and just know that the pictures on Google Maps are out of date.  There are now similar homes populated all around Jessie’s (neighbors to the left were also very friendly) and some that are still going up.  I would live in one of these in a heartbeat!  There are also a handful of cute restaurants within walking distance that we did not take advantage of but probably should have in hindsight…next time!  So my advice is to check out the Airbnb options if you don’t mind taking an Uber of Lyft, there are all sorts of price ranges.  If you’d rather a hotel, check out one of the 2 links in the beginning of this post to get the ball running.

We stayed in Nashville Friday-Sunday and our first stop on Friday night was actually on top of one of the city’s hotels, The Westin Nashville.  For ease of reading, I’m going to list out our most notable stops below.

L27 Rooftop Lounge
Swanky rooftop lounge with an indoor and outdoor area, 27 levels up.
I was debating between L27, L.A. Jackson at the Thompson Hotel, and Rare Bird at the Noelle Hotel to kick off the night with something a little different.  The deciding factor was that L27 took 2 hour cabana reservations for parties of 10 or more in the outdoor area by their rooftop pool ($300 minimum spend -I include this info because I read some reviews about people being upset by this so just know that up front).  Of course, it started pouring 20 minutes before our reservation.  We showed up regardless and somehow managed to grab seating for all of us inside (no minimum there).  The rain stopped and we snapped a couple pictures outside too.

L27 Rooftop Lounge

The Westin Nashville

AJ’s Good Time Bar
Alan Jackson’s joint, a place to get your karaoke on.  There was a live band playing on the first floor, I remember jamming out to Wagon Wheel, but we probably spent most of our time on the 2nd floor singing along with fellow karaokers (if that is not a word, I just made it one).  We had some “serious” singers up there and then there was the girl who fell down and dropped the mic -not in our party to clarify.  Nonetheless, we belted out Lit’s My Own Worst Enemy and of course, sounded amazing doing so.

Tootsie’s Orchid Lounge
Can you really go to Broadway without stopping at the iconic Tootsie’s?  Nah, not if you want the Broadway experience.  This place is typically jam-packed if you end up here at the end of the night, you have to be okay with limited personal space, but the live music is so fun!

The Flipside
12 South – look this area up if you aren’t familiar with it, you can spend a weekend just exploring this stylish neighborhood.  The Flipside is a cute, retro diner that we popped into mid-Saturday morning for a couple brunchy drinks.  We had a reservation here too, it was one of the few places that I found allowing for reservations when I wasn’t sure if we’d be eating as well.  Originally I had us booked at the City Winery (their mimosa pictures looked a-m-a-z-i-n-g), but when I called to confirm, the lady I spoke with said I couldn’t make reservations if we weren’t also going to eat.  (I made casseroles on Friday night at like 4 AM as I got heckled by the girls about throwing random things into them -I’ll link those recipes here at a later date -they did turn out despite what we all predicted in the wee hours of Friday morning). The Flipside Nashville

In any case – The Flipside was a win and I’d go back again.  I made the reservations via email through Libby and she was friendly as can be.  We half wondered if our waiter was a little high, whether he was or not, he did a great job.  Flipside runs a special of 2 for 1 bellinis, mimosas, bloody mary’s, and sangria on Saturdays and if souped up bloody mary’s are your thing then you are in the right place…click here for proof.  They also serve items like platters of a 1/2 pound of bacon or AM Tots…so the casseroles weren’t an end all be all. Anyhow, adorable place -they have the floor length, garage type windows that open up, it is worth at least an hour of your time.

The Flipside Nashville

Jack’d Up Truck
Two words – Monster. Truck….combined with a torrential downpour -Rain is a Good Thing!  If you aren’t a country music fan that sentence probably reads terribly, but if you are, you got me!  We hopped on this baby with the sun shining and about 20 minutes into our ride saw that rain was a coming.  Our driver (A+ by the way), got us to cover just before the rain started to pour down.  Jack’d Up Nashville

Winners Bar and Grill or Loser’s Bar 
He stopped us right outside of two bars: Winner’s and Loser’s Bar.  We went with Loser’s because the door guy was friendly and we heard about the Adult Capri Suns.  Yes, these do exist.  Loser’s gave us cover from the rain just long enough for us to decide that we wanted to embrace the big drops that showed no sign of leaving.  Luckily there was no lightening or this wouldn’t have been an option.  Believe it or not, this ended up being the highlight of the trip and an experience that I can confidently say none of us will forget.  When the ride ended the sun was shining and we were ringing out our hair, dumping water out of our shoes, and wiping smeared makeup from our faces…on a high, feeling happy as can be. You get the right group of people together and this is a must -rain or shine!  Alternate options:  Nashville Party Barge, Pontoon Saloon, Nashville Tractor, Nashville Party Wagon, Honky Tonk Party Express, Nashville Pedal Tavern, Sprocket Rocket, Country Music Crawler, and Nashville’s Party Porch.Loser’s Bar in Nashville

Saint Añejo
Yummy Mexican food, snazzy margaritas, and a stylish atmosphere -we had dinner reservations here Saturday night, but apparently their brunch is pretty good too. Thanks to one of the gals in our party I looked into this after she spoke highly of Tavern’s brunch and mentioned that the people that ran Tavern ran multiple other restaurants/bars.  I think it is safe to say that any of M Street’s joints are worth while.

Saint Añejo

Flying Saucer Draught Emporium
We wanted to try and walk from Saint Añejo to Broadway and Flying Saucer was about a half way point so we decided to stop in.  If you like craft beer and low key, this place is for you.  They have multiple locations outside of Nashville as well. Flying Saucer Draught Emporium

Luke’s 32 Bridge
We made our way to Broadway to finish off the rest of our night with some dancing.  Winding through the crowded street we didn’t really have an exact plan in mind, but were looking to scope out one of the many locations that are now owned by country stars…Jason Aldean’s Kitchen and Rooftop BarDierks Bentley’s Whiskey Row Nashville, FGL House, or Luke’s 32 Bridge.  We found our way to Luke’s and had an absolute blast.  A six floor establishment (yes, 6), we spent a small chunk of our time on the first level with the live band and then the majority of our time up top with the DJ who was AMAZING.  I wish us girls all woulda been back for the free street concert that Luke just put on for the Grand Opening, how fun was that I bet?!Luke’s 32 Bridge Luke’s 32 Bridge Luke’s 32 Bridge Luke’s 32 Bridge Luke’s 32 Bridge

So there ya have it, 2 nights and a day in Nashville for a girls getaway.  Hopefully this gives ya some ideas for your next trip, whether you are going for a bachelorette party or not.  These ideas do not even put a dent in the list of what Nashville has to offer, but it sure is a start.  Get yourself some good company to top it off.  I was lucky to get to go with such a great group of girls, most importantly the beautiful bride to be!

That’s my kind of night!

PS – I didn’t even hit on outfit ideas in this post and lord knows I know that is one of the most critical things so check back later this week for some inspiration!


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