Does July 12th, 2018 ring any bells to you?  I get nervous when someone asks me a question like that and I don’t know the answer.  “Oh my gosh, what did I forget?” starts doing backflips inside my head.  Birthday?  Anniversary?  What in the world did I neglect to do?!  Anyhow, no need to stress out today because I am telling you ahead of time so that you can be prepared if you so choose.  Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links, a commission may be made from any purchases at no additional cost to you. I choose when, where, and which affiliate links are used on this site :-). For additional information click here.  July 12th, 2018 is the first day of Nordstrom’s Anniversary Sale in which Nordstrom cardholders can shop the sale online and in the store.  Cardholders can reap the benefits of Early Access through July 19th, 2018.  Level 4 cardholders can jump the crowds even earlier with special access to the sale in stores only on July 11, 2018.  No worries if you are not a cardholder and you have no interest in signing up for the card -the sale will open up for you on July 20th, 2018 and run through August 5th, 2018.  

Why am I writing a post about this?  Because Nordstrom’s Anniversary Sale is kinda like what it feels like leading up to Christmas when your a kid (or adult if you are like me).  Nordstrom is known for its high quality products and renowned customer service…you can’t beat their shipping and return policies with the free standard shipping and returns.  Did you know they also have curbside pickup??  What I’m really trying to say is that Nordstrom is just one of those stores that I know I can always count on.  Whether it be a staple item, gift, or last minute outfit, I know I’ll always be able to find something.

With that being said, I am typically strategic when it comes to the shopping that I do here.  The prices are usually steeper compared to other stores that I shop at so what I do buy I buy with intention.  I either buy things that I know I am going to get good wear out of or buy things for special occasions.  For instance, essential clothing items that I know I will wear over and over again, like a pair of jeans.  Or maybe I have a wedding coming up and I want to splurge on a nice dress.  I’m okay with “splurging” for these items because I don’t do it on the regular.  An added bonus is that I know I am getting a nicely made product that will stand the test of time as opposed to a cheaply made shirt that lasts me a couple wears before shriveling apart.  This brings me to why I love this sale:

1) it is an opportunity to stock up on items that I might not normally buy during the rest of the shopping season due to price point; 

2) items that I normally would buy are priced lower; and

3) it is fun!    

Not only will there be a selection of current season items on sale, but brand spankin’ new items will be on sale before returning to their regular price after the sale -how often does that happen!?  Whether you are a Nordstrom regular or you are someone who has never shopped there, this sale is the time to look!  Take a sneak peak at the Anniversary Catalogs, available on their website, for a teaser of items that will be on sale.  Personally, this is an event that I like to make a stop in the store for.  So, yes, I will be making a drive to St. Louis, Indianapolis, or Chicagoland in the upcoming weeks!  What are 2 things I hope to bring home with me?  Jeans and boots!  Last year skinny jeans, tees, boots, and leggings were some of the hottest sale items.  As a warmup to the Anniversary Sale I have linked some cute products in these categories -that are all on sale now under $100 (as of July 3rd at time of post).  $100 is kind of my “limit” on a clothing item so that is where I am keeping my price point at below.  Pants, shoes, and special occasion outfits I may flirt a little higher than this number but not on a regular basis.  Everything else I like to keep it under $50, and to be quite honest under $40 and down is what I prefer.  Happy shopping and stay tuned for more updates on this sale later this month and into August!  I’ll link updates at the bottom of this post.  *Hint* – You might want to take a scroll now if the thought of some extra spending cash for the sale sounds appealing to you!


Margaux Instasculpt Ankle Skinny Jeans

Regular – $178

Sale – $99

Joe’s Charlie High Waist Ankle Skinny Jeans

Regular – $198

Sale – $99.90


Topshop Leigh Jeans

Regular – $65

Sale – $45.50



BP. Peplum Tee

Regular – $22

Sale – $9.90


BP. Twist Front T

Regular – $22

Sale – $13.20


Caslon Peplum Tee

Regular – $39

Sale – $23.40


Boots Bella Vita Telluride II Over the Knee Boot

Regular – $104.95

Sale – $55
Lucky Brand Kantoah Bootie

Regular – $118.95

Sale – $71.37

Steve Madden Ferris Bootie

Regular – $89.95

Sale – $53.96



Nordstrom Go-To High Waist Leggings

Regular – $29

Sale – $17.40


Zella High Waist Asana Light Legging

Regular – $59

Sale – $35.40


Zella in Dreams High Waist Leggings

Regular – $69

Sale – $41.40

I said earlier that this sale kinda makes me feel like a kid leading up to Christmas…and I want it to feel the same for you too!  I’ve teamed up with some ladies and we all want you to have a chance at a super early Christmas present this year…$550 to Nordstrom (happy dance, happy dance)!  If you are interested, check out your options for entry below –


a Rafflecopter giveaway

Nordstrom is also giving you a chance to win $500 with their #NSaleSweeps through August 5th, 2018, best of luck to everyone!!!

Click here for updates on sale items leading up to the sale and during the sale! 


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  1. I love the idea of strategizing for the sale! These tips are fantastic. And thanks for the heads up! I always forget the Anniversary Sale is coming.

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