Mother’s Day Gift Ideas: Jewelry Edition

Jewelry ideas for Mother’s Day

My husband has told me multiple times that he does not like buying jewelry, nevertheless he has done a fantastic job when he has decided to buy it.  He also hates earrings?  Something about them just wierds him out.  He can cope with studs, but anything more than that is a no go.  That does not stop me, I’ve just learned to stop asking him “which pair looks better” because I already know his answer…honestly, I think a lot of us often go with the opposite of what our husbands say looks the best [innocent shoulder shrug].  Coincidently, I am not including any earrings in this post, but I have including a number of beautiful options for rings, bracelets, and necklaces.  They range in price from as low as $24.99 to $100 with most of them falling somewhere in between.  If you didn’t like anything in my first post of this blog series last week I hope that maybe something here will catch your eye for your special lady (mom, grandma, wife….yourself :-)).

Jewelry Gift Ideas

I think often times when people hear jewelry, lots of $$$$ come to mind and that does not have to be the case! All of these items are reasonably priced, pretty to look at, and most importantly give you the opportunity to create something unique for her that holds sentimental value. Sure, there aren’t many women who will turn down good looking diamonds (myself included), but I think the majority of us appreciate pieces that we can really connect with just the same. There are a number of ways to personalize the items below, by clicking on a picture of the item you will be taken to a page to give you more detailed information. (*Please note: This post contains affiliate links.  I may get commission through clicks and purchases made through this post).

Some of these even allow transfer of your actual handwriting or child’s handprint -pretty neat! There are options for printing on the front, printing on the back, and some for printing on both sides. Different add-ons are available too. Just keep in mind that depending how you choose to customize these will have an impact on your grand total. Not sure what to have printed in terms of text? There are lots of options to consider: family member names, birthdays, lyrics to songs, a meaningful quote, and so forth. Try to consider what color your lady likes too, I’m really digging rose gold right now, but the gold and silver options are gorgeous too. Everyone has their own preferences …but if you don’t know what she likes, I wouldn’t sweat it, the thought behind the gift is what she will really appreciate. Mother’s Day is right about 2 weeks away now so make sure to act fast on these and pay attention to production and shipping times -due to the nature of the gift your item is very likely not going to be ready to ship immediately. Let me know about other jewelry options that are out there if you have any to add!




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Mother’s Day Jewelry Ideas


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