“Among about ten other things (more info to come), starting a blog was on my list of goals for 2018,” said I in my first blog post at the end of January.  I intentionally made this reference in an attempt to hold myself more accountable.  For the first time ever, I actually wrote out my resolutions and goals.  I have a kinda hefty list, but they are all doable.  Resolutions & GoalsI like to think that when I say I’m going to do something, that means I’m actually going to do it.  This holds true in many areas of my life, but definitely not all -like my resolutions…Every…Year.  I know that I join a large group of people falling into this same repetitive process and that I am not alone, but that is something that I want to change about myself.  Looking at my list, it is pretty simple to gather that I’m aiming to live my life in the most fulfilling way that I know how.  Yet I’ve only made slight progress (if any) on a few of my goals.  Why is it so darn hard to make changes that are for the better?  Changes that will ultimately create increased joy and happiness?  Some of the excuses that I come up with are comical, others not so much.  So I write today to call myself out, to revisit this list, and to think about what I can do over the next 9 months to keep moving these items to the right of this scale.  For those of you who are struggling to keep up with your goals (regardless of when they were established), I hope that you can find some type of comfort in this post.  Maybe that is simply hearing that I am struggling too or maybe there is something in here that you can take and use in your life.  For those of you who have got it all together – please share your tips!!!

New Year Resolution Status Scale What do ya’ll think? Think that by December ‘18 I can be at a “Lookin’ Good” or “Perfecto” for all of these??? I sure hope so!

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Here goes…

  1. Question Mark, tiny progress Be healthier through the way I eat and the way I exercise -run a race that I have not ran before. This is one of the biggest for me and is every year. In terms of eating, I went all vegetarian for February & March (with the exception of a few meals for gatherings).  This made the quality of our dinners go down drastically.  Getting (and planning…and shopping for) 2 different meals is a pain in the you know what, especially when you don’t know if your 2 kids will eat either one.  So I’m ditching this idea to allow for us to focus on eating healthy dinners together.  So long we have groceries, I do pretty good for breakfast and lunch on the weekdays.  We are on the verge of a fridge/pantry clean out by the end of the week so I look forward to starting fresh.  With Easter and a few birthdays we’ve got more treats in the house than what I’d prefer to have at my fingertips (like edible cookie dough).  We even did a non-candy Easter egg hunt for our kids at home (don’t worry – they had 3 other Easter eggs hunts where they got their fill).   With regard to exercise, I downloaded the Studio Tone It Up app in February and was doing some daily workouts with that…for 2 weeks. I do like this app, but for whatever reason I quit, I may start back up again or I may not.  What I think I really want to do is start running again.  Wanna hear my latest excuse on that one??  There were people parked in trucks by the track…didn’t want them to see me…so I came home.  Illinois weather is a thing too and I can’t stand treadmills.  Sooo I need to find a “fun race,” get signed up, and then just suck it up and start training!  Running is something that I actually don’t mind as long as I’ve got some good music, it helps clear my head.  The problem is just getting the routine started.  My bed has felt so cozy in the morning…ugh!
  2. Question Mark, tiny progress Drink water everyday (the recommended amount).  I’m not sure when I fell off the bandwagon here.  For the most part all I regularly drink now is water and coffee, but there are many days where I have more coffee than I do water.  Yikes, dehydrated much!? I bring a big thing of water to work, but I need to be better about refilling it once empty.  It turns out I don’t actually need as much as I thought I did per ShapeFit’s Hydration Calculator. I think this is due to my current state of physical activity or should I say lack of!  Anyhow, I’m not worried about fixing this one up, it is probably the easiest thing on this list.
  3. Question Mark, tiny progress Read 1 book every month.  Again, something else I enjoy doing once I actually start doing it…and when I can carve out time.  The initial point of me adding this to the list was actually to encourage reduced screen time before bed.  I tried this one last year too and lasted 2 months.  Nevertheless, I’m still going to try and get some additional ones in this year.  I read the first one listed below in January, well actually did a quick skim of it.  It helped point me in the right direction as to how in the heck to get this site up and running.  I started the second one in January and got over halfway through -then I started working on this site during the time I would have normally read…I need to figure out the right balance, but I’m far from there.  The third one listed is what I anticipate to start next.  I actually found out about this book through my day job and think that reading it will be beneficial for me not only in my day job, but also in general.
    After that…I just want a book where my mind can escape, the kind you just can’t put down -if anyone has suggestions, let’s hear them!
  4. No Progress, Zero Percent Learn calligraphy & photography.  Two hobbies I sooo want to learn!  I’m going to prioritize here and say both of these are on hold until later in the year.  Hopefully they don’t get knocked off this list.
  5. No Progress, Zero Percent Date nights with Ben and work to be more positive.  We haven’t really had one of these yet (this year of course), but I’d like to designate 1 night (or day) per month and do something new together, something as simple as trying out a new restaurant.  When you have kids, it is easy to let these go to the wayside, but they are so important!  With regard to the “be more positive” comment – all I mean is maybe I can lighten up on my sarcasm every once in awhile :-).  I’m not sure that I have really done this?  Probably would have to ask him…and I’m willing to bet he will say no -even if I have!  Love, love, love :-).
  6.  Question Mark, tiny progress Engage more with my kids (1 new activity per week).  Am I a bad mom?  No, I don’t think so at all -but I know I can be better.  On weeknights especially I will catch myself just going through the motions.  I want to embrace my time with these adorable, tiny humans while they will have me.  Does it need to be 1 new activity per week like I wrote down in January?  No, I don’t think so and it hasn’t been, but what I do want to focus on is more experiences.  I am astounded over some of the things Chase remembers because for whatever reason he had a meaningful connection to that experience -which leads right into my next hope.
  7. No Progress, Zero Percent Take a family vacation.  This is a must, whether big or small and it is going to happen at some point this spring/summer.  I cannot wait for this and need to get planning, the Gorman fam needs a vaca…preferably with a beach!  Chase often references “that place we went for Daddy’s birthday” -which was enjoyable, but not anything crazy like Disney (French Lick, Indiana) but he remembers it fondly and asks to do things like that.  We are thinking somewhere South or on the East Coast.  Who doesn’t want to spend time and create memories with their favorite people?
  8. Doing okay Start a Blog.  Blog started!  Direction, niche, and management of blog…a huge work in progress.  I knew a blog would be a lot of work, but I didn’t realize just how much until I actually started.  The learning curve combined with the amount of time and energy it takes to actually plan and do the work to get a post up is more than what I had anticipated…and I’m currently just semi-planning at best.  I’m going to get a pretty planner and try and get some ideas plotted out to bring some organization to this madness.  I think it also makes sense to try and utilize this list to drive what I post.  We shall see how that evolves.
  9. No Progress, Zero Percent Invite parents/in-laws to dinner more often (maybe every 3 months). We are fortunate that we live very close to both sets of our parents and we see each other a fair amount of time, but I can probably count on one hand how many times we’ve had them over to dinner at our house, excluding birthdays.  It is the least we can do in return for all they have done for us.  We of course like their company too (mom 😉 if you are reading this).  
  10. No Progress, Zero Percent Go to church on a regular basis.  I believe in God and pray daily, but our church attendance is sad.  We attend on holidays and that is typically the extent.  We talk to our kids about God, but when Chase asked me on Easter Sunday why we had to go to church, I realized I really had some work to do.  I looked for a good Easter book to buy this year last minute, but everything I saw just seemed like too much (or too heavy) for me to read to a 4 year old about.  Does anyone have any suggestions here???
  11. No Progress, Zero Percent Find ways to volunteer as a family.  I want to teach my kids early on the importance of helping others and giving back.  As an added bonus, volunteering can be so soothing on the soul.
  12.  Doing okay Be more conscious of how blessed I am.  Quit having envy of others.  Take steps to act on things that I really want.  Oh my.  I am so, so, so lucky to have the life that I have.  It is so easy to go down the road of…“I wish I had this” or “Why can’t I look like that?”  Reality check – I was raised in a very loving family and I now have my own little tribe.  These people are all healthy.  I have friends, a good job, and a place to call home.  I just pulled up the news on my phone and in one swipe I see articles about missing bodies, a family stabbing, and a helicopter crash.  The news is terrifying.  I read stories about loved ones who are sick, children…sometimes I know these people and others times I don’t -tears just rolling down the cheeks. Like I said…reality check  to be ever so thankful for the blessings in my life.  In the grand scheme of things, I’m sweating the small stuff and getting hyped up about things that do not matter!  For these trivial things, it’s on me to make a change.

As I make progress through this list I plan to share any tips I learn along the way with you and welcome any pointers from you all!  For those of you that are killin’ it already, I tip my hat to ya :-).

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    • Thank you Heather! -As I was typing this post up, I actually was pondering whether going the audio route would be helpful – I think I need to give it a try!

    • Thanks girl! We will see where I’m at in a few months…maybe you should start calling me at 4AM to help with part of #1!!! Speaking of being inspiring…

  1. I just read your 2018 resolutions and they are so good and make me so proud to have you as one of my fabulous daughters! One of our greatest joys is watching our children/grandchildren grow, learn, love, and fly independently while still loving the original nest! Keep after those goals and dreams as you always have! You make me cry tears of happiness! (and Dad and I could do better too with regards to dinner invites over here too:) Love you, Momma

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