Our Farmhouse Style Fireplace Makeover

I’m so excited to finally have a pretty fireplace to look at, she has been a couple months in the making due to the availability of materials, various pieces of equipment and tools, helpful family members, and my inability to make a decision on what I wanted to actually put on the mantel.  In any case, she is at a point where I’m satisfied.  I still want to add a galvanized basket to put blankets in by one of the bottom corners…but again, I can’t decide which one and who knows when I will make a decision!  I may need some help from you guys on which looks better :-). Farmhouse Fireplace Makeover

In January I wrote my very first blog post here and talked a little bit about the Lumberjack themed party that we held for Jack’s 2nd birthday.  I included a few pics in the post, but I neglected to include a pic of our mantel that we had decorated…on purpose.  Don’t worry I’ve included a couple below –

[left]Before Mantel Picture[/left]

[right]Lumberjack Birthday MantelI strategically hung the banner over a bunch of holes that are in the wall and that cutie patootie in the frame is where I focus most of my attention as his momma.  However, without our normal sign that typically hangs just above his picture and whatever decor I’m feeling at the moment, there is a huge eye sore…see all that smoke stain from candles?  Yikes![/right]

I wish I had before pictures of the floor surrounding the fireplace to show you, but Ben started working on this sooner than I had expected and I didn’t get a shot.  If I had, you’d see that there was a jagged gap between the laminate wood flooring and the slab that leads up the fireplace, not very cute.  Needless to say when Ben said he was willing to try doing something new to the fireplace I JUMPED at the offer!  Before Jack was born and we painted his room, I had suggested doing an accent wall with wood.  Ben looked at me like I was crazy…so I was kind of surprised that he was on board with this, but no need to question when something is going my way :-).

For this makeover we used the following (Note:  Some of the links included below are affiliate links and by clicking on them I may earn commission at no expense to you.  I participate in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for me to earn fees by linking to Amazon.com and affiliated sites.  Feel free to contact me if you want to know specifically which are affiliate links and I’d be happy to share!): 

The following list details what we did, or should I say what Ben did with a little help from his dad.  My only assistance with this project was staining the wood, vocalizing what I liked and didn’t like, and throwing the decor up there.  That being said, trying to get the nitty gritty details of how this was done from Ben was …fun, as some of you may imagine :-).  I’d ask “so what did you do next?”  Then he would reply with something vague like “I put it up.”  SO, if you have questions, just ask…and I’ll ask Ben!

  1. Painted the wall a brown color from the mantel up.  We wanted to avoid having any white show through any cracks when the wood boards got put up so Ben painted the wall to be safe. The paint job didn’t need to be pretty for this as you’ll note below and we actually could have gone without it.
  2. Cut the boards at random lengths to stagger on the wall and cut the ends with a skill saw at 45 degree angles to transition into side walls smoothly.
  3. Sanded boards using sanding blocks and stained the boards with Minwax stain using sponge brush.
  4. Nailed boards up on wall with nail gun, hitting every stud and used skill saw to make cuts in the board to fit with plant shelf and ceiling smoothly. Mantel Makeover in progress
  5. Removed marble around fireplace and on the floor with a hammer and blue bar; cleaned this area out.  Also removed trim.
  6. Cut 3/4” sheathing to fill in the gap where marble was on the floor.Mantel Makeover in progress
  7. Cut patio block stones with concrete saw to fit around the pillars of fireplace (only had to cut 2 of the 4).
  8. Evenly spaced patio block stones in front of the fireplace and filled the gaps with grout.
  9. Cut stack stone with chop saw to fill in around the sides of the fireplace.  We lucked out that it didn’t need to be cut for the portion going across the top.
  10. Put loctite on the back of the stack stone and placed around fireplace.  This needs to be held in place per directions.  We rigged something up using a baseball bat and slab of wood as you can see below.  (These 2 lovely men may or may not have been bickering below). Mantel Makeover
  11. Cut previous trim to fit around newly laid stone and used nail gun to nail back in place.
  12. Painted trim and mantel with white paint to freshen it up.
  13. Added some décor: 2 Hearth & Hand with Magnolia Vases with Flower Froggers, a Rustic Windowpane Mirror, & 2 sets of 21″ Green Plastic Eucalyptus & Beach Bassword Bush.Farmhouse style mantel decor
  14. Done!

Huge shoutout to my hubby for volunteering to do this AND for finishing it to my liking.  Not including the mantel décor, this project was under $200 for us.  Also a special thanks to his dad for popping over to help and to his brothers for having some of the equipment that we needed!  Now…onto trying to fix the farmhouse style table that we started…

Farmhouse Fireplace Makeover



16 responses to “Our Farmhouse Style Fireplace Makeover”

  1. So pretty! We don’t have a fireplace in our home, and envy those who do because they bring so much warmth to a home. You guys did a great job!

    • ashesng12 says:

      Thank you Kimberly! This is the first time we have had one and I don’t think I’d ever be able to go back without one…I have it on even when it isn’t that cold outside -I hope you get one at some point!! Thank you!!!

  2. Wow! That fireplace makeover turned out fabulous!! Love your decor choices!

  3. Jen says:

    This is so impressive! I love how it warmed the space!

  4. It IS a pretty fireplace! We have a similar looking one. I love neutral ones because then you can easily change with the seasons.

    • ashesng12 says:

      Thanks Sarah! Agreed with being able to change out the décor for the seasons, I wanted to make sure we could accommodate that!

  5. Gillette says:

    Seriously loving this makeover! The paneling is my favorite.

  6. Lindsey says:

    I really like the way you used the 1 x 8 for the wall above the fireplace. It adds an interesting contrast in the textures.

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