St. Patrick’s Day Counting Game

Before making Lucky Puppy-Chow last week in preparation for St. Patrick’s Day we started painting prep for a St. Patrick’s Day Counting Game.  I was home from work with the boys and wanted to do something where we could all actively engage, much opposed to what we are currently doing today.  I think you need a balance of both.  Today we’ve got 2 napping while Chase and I lounge on the couch.  He’s currently downing a bag of leftover bacon from this morning, Ben will be so proud.  Anyhow, as the name suggests, we made a game that encourages learning numbers and counting with a St. Patrick’s Day spin.

St. Patrick’s Day Counting Game

The boys love to paint so making this game was just as much fun for them as it is to play it.  They helped paint all of the large gold coins and the rainbow.  What’s the point of the game?  See all of the large, gold coins with numbers up there?  The same number is written underneath on the poster board (you can see an example of this on another picture below).  We hide all of the large, gold coins with numbers and then have the boys find “x” number.  Once they find the correct coin, they match it with the same number on the poster board.  Then they count that same number of the smaller, gold coins with the clover on them and put them in the pot to fill it with gold. That is it my friends!  It encourages number recognition and counting skills.  I especially like that they don’t have to be sitting in once place the whole time to achieve this.

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There are a number of ways you could make this game, but we used the following items:

Art Supplied for St. Patrick’s Day Counting Game

St. Patrick’s Day Painting

Painting Rainbows

St. Patrick’s Day Counting Game

Let me know if you have any questions about how we did this and happy counting!


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