O Easter Tree

For those of you that love decorating your Christmas Tree during December or November (maybe October?) this post is for you.  You’ve probably seen some version of these already whether that be online or in a random store – Easter Trees.  Similar to Christmas Trees, but Easter themed. I’ve heard of people who keep some sort of tree or plant up year round, swapping out the decorations depending on the season.  We aren’t those people…yet.

In the past we’ve never really decorated for Easter, but when I saw one of these in the store that reminded me of Candyland I thought why not make one of our own?  I knew I’d be able to assemble something to blend better with what we have going on already, rather than sticking out like a sore thumb.  So, we looked for a few things that we liked…and argued over who got to sit where in the cart.

Originally I had it in my head that we would buy plain eggs and paint them in a nude metallic color, but I was in town with these yahoos for 4 hours and my energy slowly decreased as the day went on.  SO, I settled for some pre-colored eggs that weren’t my first choice in color BUT they came with ribbon ready to hang so it all balanced out.  We got these at Hobby Lobby, 40% off, but we were at Michael’s before and they had some I liked better, also on sale….no way I was dragging the boys back there a 2nd time. They like to sporadicaly put their hands outside of the cart when we roll by anything that is breakable, then I almost have a heart attack, over and over.  I let out a little chuckle when I saw a fellow mom, also with 2 boys, that looked to be going through the same struggle.  We’ve all been there.  One time Chase shattered a candle in Bath & Body Works and another little boy and his mom came up to us -the little boy simply said “it’s okay, I have broken things too” -how sweet was that?

Anyhow, eggs from Hobby Lobby as well as the floral stems, also on sale.  We already had the pitcher from last July, but Michael’s has something similar right now.  The nice thing about this is you can really make it your own, however you want to.  Instead of a pitcher you could use a flower pot or large vase and your options for florals are endless.

Spring Decor Craft Supplies

Also, depending how short your container is and how long your florals are, you will probably need a wire cutter or pliers of some type….ehhh, is that what they are called?  I’m not really sure, I just know that I use them every time I get something like this so they aren’t standing a foot above the container.  PS – I also thought these were bunny ears when I took this pic, oops?


[right]Spring Floral Decor[/right]

So then you just style and arrange however your little heart desires. If you have little helpers, maybe you rearrange a few times…or maybe you don’t.




I had planned on using this for our kitchen table centerpiece, but we are in the middle of making a new table, fingers crossed it turns out!  When Easter passes, you can just take the eggs off and use for spring decor.  I say this as I look out the window and there are GIANT snowflakes coming down, only in Illinois.

Easter Tree

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