2018 Winter Olympics

Today is a big day.  The Opening Ceremony of the 2018 Winter Olympics kicks off and I hear we have an Illini alum on the USA women’s bobsled team.  I hope to root her on as I get sucked into the hours of television coverage that the games bring.  The summer Olympics have always been my favorite to watch, who else loved the Magnificent Seven?!  I used to stage gymnastics meets in my backyard, tumbling and swinging around, pretending that I was one of the Dominiques or Kerri Strug.

Today, however, I will not be pretending to compete as an elite athlete -I will be the elite athlete.  Yes -me, I will be competing in the 2018 Olympics against my colleagues at the office.  The plan is to compete in Speed Finger Skating, Mental Gymnastics, and Paper Ball Basketball over the lunch hour.  It will be very intense and we will be fueling our energy with the food of Olympians.  Please wish me luck, I’m really hoping to win a paper medal, preferably gold.  In the case that I do not bring home any hardware, at least I will get to indulge in these Olympic Oreo Parfaits.

I was at a loss trying to come up with something to bring in related to our theme, but then I was at Target (weird) and saw that Oreo currently has a limited edition of Olympic Oreos out.  Seriously, can you really go wrong with Oreo anything?  I think not.  I sprayed these babies with Wilton’s Gold Mist Gold Food Coloring Spray to make them look like medals -so I could get one regardless.

Whenever I make an Oreo Parfait….Dirt Pudding…whatever you want to call it, I never remember exactly what I did the last time so I end up just throwing things together until I think it tastes good.  I always use Oreos (sometimes I mix in the cheap brand too), chocolate pudding mix, milk, and cool whip…the amounts are always different.  This time I also used JELL-O Simply Good Vanilla Bean and some sweetened condensed milk.  I happened to have red, white, and blue sprinkles at the house already which worked out perfect.

I loved using Ball’s 4 oz. mason jars for this too because it made them super portable to bring to work.  The ones pictured up top were for home :-).

These would be great for a kid’s birthday party too!

Let the games begin!

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2 responses to “2018 Winter Olympics”

  1. Emily says:

    Oh my gosh! These are awesome. You’re so creative!

    • ashesng12 says:

      Thanks lady! Speaking of creative Ben mentioned making a table tonight…I said I know a gal that knows how to do that!

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