Hearts & Dinosaurs

12…11…10 days left until the ONE day of the year where you show your loved ones that they are loved!  Or, maybe you choose to do so the other 364 days of the year too.  Significant others, family, friends, pets…or maybe you cheers it up to being single.  In any case the National Retail Federation anticipates that for 2018 the total spending for this day will climb to $19.6 billion, holy smokes (Smith, 2018)!?  No worries, my post tonight is not near that pricey.  Tonight I bring a few ideas of ways to get in the “spirit” without buying a diamond ring or an oversized teddy bear that costs $100+ (the teddy bear, not the ring).  Saturday, while Ben started to tackle a DIY project in our living room, the boys and I spent a good chunk of the day doing Valentine’s Day related activities.  After running some errands, we made:

  1. Teddy Grahams Sweethearts.  Got this darling idea from hello, Wonderful, these are so cute!  I forgot to buy frosting so we just mixed up some butter, vanilla almond milk, powdered sugar, and vanilla until it was at the consistency and taste we wanted -just use your preferred frosting to stick these cuties together and you are good to go!  I was feeling lazy and we almost used peanut butter.  [full_width background=”#ffffff”][/full_width]
  2. Mini Frozen Smoothie Hearts.  At Michael’s we found a heart silicone mold for a steal!  $4.99 regular price…40% off of that, plus I had a 20% off my entire purchase coupon – – winning!  I love this frozen treat because it is healthy and totally customizable to your liking.  I just made a single smoothie with vanilla almond milk, frozen berries, a banana, and honey…dumped it into the moldings and put it into the freezer until frozen.[full_width background=”#ffffff”][/full_width]
  3. Dino Valentine’s Day Houses.  Another steal from Michael’s!  The boys and I wandered around Michael’s trying to figure out what craft to do…I saw mini wooden birdhouses in a bin for a $1/piece and bam, I had it…love themed dino homes!  Chase & Jack love dinosaurs so this was the perfect match.  A+ craft because 1) they loved doing it…painting and putting stickers on and 2) they can actually use it after the fact…they have been playing with the mini dinosaurs (also from Michael’s) all weekend.  [full_width background=”#ffffff”][/full_width] [full_width background=”#ffffff”][/full_width] [full_width background=”#ffffff”][/full_width]

That is all folks!  Apologies in advance, tonight’s post was interrupted by hops from Triptych Brewing, JT’s Super Bowl halftime, Tide, Budweiser, & Dirty Dancing Giants ads!

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Sources:  Smith, A. (2018). NRF Says Consumers Will Spend Near-Record $19.6 Billion on Valentine’s Day. Retrieved from https://nrf.com/media/press-releases/nrf-says-consumers-will-spend-near-record-196-billion-valentines-day.


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