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  • Warm Winter Banana Bread

    Warm Winter Banana Bread

    “You gonna make banana bread out of these or something?” -my hint from my husband that the bananas I bought were looking less than desirable in the fridge.  These weren’t on my holiday baking list, but they’ll be a new addition in the future, it’s nice to have something to mix in that isn’t over […] Read more…

  • Madewell Top

    Holiday Style Inspiration

    Time to get festive and merry!  Check back here often as I’ll be adding new items up through the first of January for all the holiday style inspo you need to get you through your holiday parties, events, and gatherings.  Jingle, jingle, jingle -let’s hear your sleigh bells ring! *Many of the following images are […] Read more…

  • Thanksgiving Outfit

    Outfit Ideas for Thanksgiving

    “Do you know what you are gonna wear?”  -a reoccurring question between my sisters and I before most any get together.  Thanksgiving is no exception.  I will be surprised if this question does not come through via text message in the next couple of days.  In preparation, I’ve compiled a few Thanksgiving outfit ideas below, […] Read more…

  • Salted Nutella Caramel Cookies

    Salted Nutella Caramel Sugar Cookies

      Fun fact that I learned this week -Nutella is apparently a hot commodity in the college dorms.  I brought these Salted Nutella Caramel Sugar Cookies into work and so I was informed by one of the students working in our office.  Nutella and a loaf of bread.  I asked, “so do you ever just […] Read more…

  • Mulled Apple Cider for Two

    Mulled Apple Cider for Two

    What beats a fall scented candle spreading apple and cinnamon throughout your cozy home?  Warm Mulled Apple Cider sizzling in a crockpot just waiting to be ladled into a mug, that’s what!  Last weekend was one of our first cooooold weekends and I think they are here to stay.  My littles got hot chocolate with […] Read more…

  • Mini Heath Parfaits

    Mini Heath Parfaits

    “When are you ever going to use those again?” -said my husband.  Every darn time that I want to make a cute dessert that requires little to no effort of course.  Does not matter what it is, I usually want to prove Ben wrong…no matter how crazy my rationale might be.  In this case, I […] Read more…

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  • DIY Farmhouse Style Dining Table

    Our DIY Farmhouse Style Dining Table

    A couple of weeks ago I shared Our Farmhouse Style Fireplace Makeover with you and let on towards the end that it was time to fix the farmhouse style table that we had started.  So without further ado, I am here to share our experience with our DIY dining table that we started right around […] Read more…

  • Fruit Infused Water

    Infused Water: Round One

    Feelin’ thirst?  Read on for some easy, refreshing takes on everyday water.  If you happened to read my last post, then you know that I’m trying getting my daily intake of water.  Combine that with feel pretty cruddy the last couple of days and I felt a serious need to cleanse my system with some […] Read more…

  • Farmhouse Fireplace Makeover

    Our Farmhouse Style Fireplace Makeover

    I’m so excited to finally have a pretty fireplace to look at, she has been a couple months in the making due to the availability of materials, various pieces of equipment and tools, helpful family members, and my inability to make a decision on what I wanted to actually put on the mantel.  In any […] Read more…