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  • Magic Kingdom in a Day -with Toddlers!

    Earlier this summer we took a nice little family drive to Florida and spent a few days on St. Pete Beach.  If you missed out on either of my most recent travel posts, by “little drive” I mean 19 hours -I can just feel the envy oozing from everyone right now.  That being said, it […] Read more…

  • Admiring the St. Pete Beach sunset

    Family Trip to St. Pete Beach, Florida

    It has been about a month now since we took our first family vacation to St. Pete Beach, Florida so I figure I need to get around to writing this post before I start to forget things.  My husband and I were just in St. Louis this weekend so I had a little bit of […] Read more…


  • Raspberry Vanilla Cake with Chocolate Ganache

    Raspberry Vanilla Cake with Chocolate Ganache

    Ever wonder what type of response you would get from a 4 year old if you were to ask what his or her hobbies are?  Me either, until this past Monday.  My son brought home a paper with some questions from his part-time preschool to fill out together, Facts About Me it was called.  It […] Read more…

  • Food & Drink Ideas for the 4th of July

    Told ya guys, this is proof right here that I have a thing for coordinating outfits for the 4th of July…and with food apparently.  Today I’m sharing a few food and drink ideas perfect for your 4th of July spread or just a quick treat :-).  With the exception of the cake, these are all […] Read more…


  • DIY Magnetic Dinosaurs

    Surviving a Road Trip with Toddlers

    Disclosure:  This post contains affiliate links and a commission may be made from any purchases.  I choose when, where, and which affiliate links are used on this site :-).  For more information on the above click here. Pictured above is a parent’s dream case scenario when it comes to taking a road trip with small […] Read more…


  • DIY Farmhouse Style Dining Table

    Our DIY Farmhouse Style Dining Table

    A couple of weeks ago I shared Our Farmhouse Style Fireplace Makeover with you and let on towards the end that it was time to fix the farmhouse style table that we had started.  So without further ado, I am here to share our experience with our DIY dining table that we started right around […] Read more…

  • Farmhouse Fireplace Makeover

    Our Farmhouse Style Fireplace Makeover

    I’m so excited to finally have a pretty fireplace to look at, she has been a couple months in the making due to the availability of materials, various pieces of equipment and tools, helpful family members, and my inability to make a decision on what I wanted to actually put on the mantel.  In any […] Read more…